Would you move to a different area for a better school?

Mercede - posted on 11/05/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




We have 3 kids ages 6,6 8 and they go to an average ranked public school. My husband and I have been thinking if we should move to an area where there are top ranking public schools so our kids will have a better education.

I also believe that it's not all about school system that brings out success, it depends on the child too and the kind of student he is. Not all successful people have gone to private or top ranked public schools.

Having said that, I'm still not sure if we should move to an area with better schools(now that we can) or just stay where we are and rely more on our kids' abilities and efforts.

I would like to know what other moms think about this.



♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 11/06/2012




Only if my employment would accommodate the move. No way, in this day and age, am I going to give up solid employment and good benefits because I don't think the teachers are doing their jobs. That's where my role as a parent kicks in. I need to supplement the instruction that's being given in school if I feel that the school system is not meeting my child's needs. If this means getting a tutor, then fine. But I am not uprooting myself and my family just to find a "better" school...not happening.

Another thing to consider is that this whole school "ranking" deal is part of the NCLB act of the GW Bush era...which forces the schools to teach only the content on the "test", and no other content. The schools are rated based on the student performance on the "test", and no other criteria. If you're basing your opinion of the school system on that ranking, I'd suggest that you actually take a little time to get to know your kids school a little better. Most that I've seen (and worked in) are over and above in their commitment to their students.

Amy - posted on 11/05/2012




I think it would depend on my kids. If I felt my child wasn't being challenged enough in the current school system I would consider. I don't think my son is at this point but I would not move because he does not do well with change and it would be a huge upset for him. So I really think you have to think about each of your kids and make a decision.


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Mercede - posted on 11/06/2012




We live in Toronto, Canada and this school ranking based on national academic tests is a big factor for many parents to evaluate schools' ratings here. I really don't know how else we can differentiate between different schools other than how their students do on the test. I think the overall of the students' marks show if the school's staff are doing a good job. I believe in parents involvement %100 but the effect and result of the school's system on students' achivement is not comparable with what parents do. kids spend the best and most of their educational and functional time in school.

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