WOW...she is the mama i am not!!!!

Brooke - posted on 01/19/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 6 yr old argues EVERYTHING, even right down to the color of her bike if you say it, or her shirt!! I have tosend meds with er to school (ADHD) she INFORMED me, she didnt NEED them yet!!!! I said YES..u only have 3 left..she contined to argue!!! She is the mama now?? When she argues she even does the "stare" omgaawwww..what to do!!! I know she is ADHD and we deal with it everyday, bjt the need to argue EVERYTHING is about to get her hurt!!!!!


Vanessa - posted on 01/19/2010




OMG my 6 yr old daughter argues with absolutely everything I say, too! She doesn't have ADHD but she certainly is a little miss know it all! Sometimes I have to just leave the room because we butt heads so much already! lol...The couple times she has been on antibiotics, though, she tried to tell me she was better before she was done her medication and she didn't need to take it. I just explained to her that medicine can't do it's job unless you take all of it. I tell her that she is very smart and knows a lot about a lot of things but because mommy is a lot older, I've had more time to learn even more about all of that stuff, just like she will when she is a mommy. It works sometimes, but sometimes it doesn't. I do find that just telling her that this is how it is without explaining why it's that way seems to insult her intelligence, just as it does if someone tries to tell me the same way, and it's less likely that she'll go along with it. As for the little things, like the colour of something, I just don't even bother arguing since I usually end up getting more irritated in the end!

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