begining scrap booking

Yvonda - posted on 04/23/2010 ( 13 moms have responded )




hello, I want to start a scrap booking project, but dont have a clue as where or how to begin..can you ladies please give me some pointers


Danielle - posted on 05/25/2010




Some tips I've learned from my Design Certificate/ Diploma is:

-When in doubt, mount. I make sure that I mount most of my pictures. I feel it gives the page a more structured, clean, and professional outcome. It will also help pull the picture out from the page.

-stay consistent to the theme of the page

- try to keep all your elements lined up. (If it helps, you could purchase a clean Plexiglas type paper and grid out 12 in * 12. That way, your can line up your elements making your page looking cleaner, and make more sense then to have everything scattered on the page.

- there is unity in threes. (three pictures, or cutouts of whatever theme, ect)

- Try not to get overwhelmed by the pictures. I try not to get overly attached to certain photos. I look for engaging photos; no blurriness, interesting angles, ect. This may mean that not every photo will make the cut. Remember, that your making a scrapbook, not a photo album.

- Try to pull colors from the photo. Remember color scheme. Complimentary colors make the opposing brighter, which may demonstrate the opposite effect you were trying to achieve. Also keep in mind color association ex) red and green usually reminds people of christmas, purple and yellow = easter, ect.

-Don't forget to make a title and journal. It really makes the page go along way. It is another aspect that distinguishes your scrapbook from an album.

- I always try to wrap up a theme in one page, maybe two; but only as a double page spread. I find it overwhelming to have 4-6 pages of christmas photos. Also remember that scrap-booking is a costly hobby and will help make you supplies last longer.

-Be aware that its natural for people to read left to right, top to bottom. Keep that in the back of your mind when designing your layout. If the page fights what our subconscious thinks is natural may make the page feel less harmonized.

-It may look unbalanced and awkward to have a little title at the bottom of the page with a heavy picture above it. Keep in mind the weight and size of the elements you are incorporating on your layout.

- Use proper cutting tools. There is nothing worse from a design standpoint when someone doesn't take the time or resources to properly cut. In the end it will look sloppy :(

- Go easy on adhesive, you may like the page now, but after your eyes have a rest there may be something you want to adjust or change altogether, and again.. scrap-booking is expensive.

Hmm.. That is all that comes to me.. haha.

Good luck on your scrap-booking adventures and I hope that my knowledge will help in your endeavors.

Michelle - posted on 04/24/2010




There are some great tutorials on and on There are classes offered at local scrapbook stores, some Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Aaron Brothers and JoAnnes.
I agree be prepared to be totally addicted!!! Look at magazines for layout ideas. Start by sorting your photos and decide how you want to scrapbook, there are no right way and there are a lot of different approaches. Some people scrap every photo, their books are their photo albums. Others pick a few good pictures and do a couple layouts of special events. Some like to chronicle their daily lives with pictures of the things that happen daily. There is no right or wrong. Do what you want! I recommend a class or watch a couple online video's just so you are comfortable. Many "home party" companies offer workshops that can be helpful, if you like their techniques.
Other than that get some paper, a couple of photos, and a few embellishments and dive in. You will never be sorry. Good luck and happy scrappin!

Danielle - posted on 04/23/2010




WOW. Look out.....WARNING...Prepare to be totally addicted.I have always loved paper crafting. Scrapbooking is a great way and not waste. I even use things from junk mail in mine. Watch garage sales and find cheap items from others. Find a local group or start your own. Share supplies because this can be very expensive. Most important have fun with it. The sky is your limit. If you are a facebook fan..check out oh my crafts. Lots of fun ideas. Good will like it, its like your first time coloring and it only get better. ;)


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Nancy - posted on 02/15/2013




I started really scrapbooking about 20 years ago. I can say ditto to what the others have said. I now teach stamping and scrapbooking in my home (not going to make this an ad ;), and one of the things I tell my ladies who are just beginning:

1. For every dollar you spend on it, you need to get at least ONE use out of it.... (and my corollary to that is, well - I call it a corollary, but you may not, lol ) OR earn money using it to put what you spent back in your account. I added that rule when I had to have an electronic cutting machine. In 20 years I'm only on my 2nd machine and absolutely love it... As someone else said - pace yourself - watch for sales, watch for trends that you love... get on Pinterest and look for scrapbook ;) There are sketches and layouts galore out there to look at and copy, or CASE (Copy and Share Everything) - and it's FREE!!!!!!!

2. Organize those photos NOW. Every time you get pictures developed, organize them by child, event, date, or however you want to organize them - but have a method for your madness.... DO NOT be like I was when I started scrapbooking - I had boxes and ziplocs and envelopes full of pictures - no date, no clue - at least I could tell my girls apart and get them in the correct scrapbook, lol

3. Organizing photos counts as scrapbooking in my book, which is why I am at one of my quarterly scrapbooking weekends with my scrapping friends and spent a couple of hours on Picasa 3 (free download from Google) today (between movies ;) helping Picasa learn to identify photos of my family. Picasa has low level editing you can do with photos, but the best thing to me is the facial recognition and that it is FREE.

4. If you are a computer happy person, you might consider digital scrapping :) to get you started... there are a bazillion digi designers giving out freebies that you can play with...

5. And like at least one other person lead with - SKETCH BOOKS... they come in themes, they come in all shapes and sizes!!!! Personally, I LOVE and highly recommend Close To My Heart's Imagine, Cherish and Magic books - they give you photo sizes, sized to cut your pieces of pattern paper and solid papers, etc.... (Check for those on Amazon)... another favorite of mine is a series of books called Page Patterns (also on Amazon..... I love sketch books!!!!!

FINALLY, and REALLY IMPORTANT - if you have pictures in those "magnetic albums" that use the strips of glue to hold them, or if your mama or grandma does - please get them out of there posthaste! That stuff can really ruin good pictures. Also, DO invest in archivally save products. I am not a Creative Memories (or Close to My Heart) aficionado at any rate, believe it or not, but I do know that if you want your hard work to last, make sure your adhesives and papers and embellishments are not going to ruin your pictures!

OK, back to scrapping for me - really need to get something on paper!

Shayna - posted on 05/26/2010




Group pictures. Decided on Theme.
My favorite thing about scrapbooking is seeing how my taste, techniques, and skill has changed over the years..
but I tell all my friends who are just starting out to not stress over.. well.. "it doesn't look as good as yours" "the words aren't straight" (I purposely don't put words in a straight line.. too ordinary).. your own personal touch is what makes it yours!!

[deleted account]

First decide what type of project you are going to scrap - baby book, school album, vacation, ect, ect. Then decide on the size of the album which really will depend upon how many pictures you will have for that project. If you have a friend who scrapbooks, ask her to help you get started. Attend classes or host your own. Look for blogs or google.

The bottom line is just start and you will learn as you go:) And have fun!

Julie - posted on 05/05/2010




Some more tips I learned at a scrapbooking class years ago:

Try to group your pictures on a page that go together. Like a trip to the zoo. You may use a few animal stickers on that page. Or maybe each picture is of your daughter playing with a different toy or game. Then you could make it a page that says "TOY TIME!" Look at the main color you see in the pictures. Suppose someone is wearing a blue shirt. Use blue paper to make some color accents on the page. Write on each page a big heading like "SUMMER FUN" or "GOING TO GRANDMA'S" and then write smaller little bits here and there of anything you want to remember - like their ages or something funny they said at the time. Whatever!! Have fun!

Julie - posted on 05/04/2010




Scrapbooking can be expensive and time consuming but doesn't have to be! For me, I look for scrapbooks at places like Big Lots or Ollies, a discount store. The main things I use are colored paper, sticky tape, markers, stickers, paper cutter, corner rounder. Make sure everything you use is acid free. When I get an idea, I just do it. I don't spend so much time trying to be fancy because you can spend hours on one page!! You can crop your pictures and put them on a colored squares, and decorate the extra white space on page with stickers. That's just one idea. Write notes about what is happening. Not too much, just a little. Your handwriting is a gift to your children, even though it's hard to do at first. Also cropping pictures may be hard at first, but you will like it later. Look at some friends scrapbooks for ideas or on-line. But keep it simple is the best advice I can give!

Corrine - posted on 05/03/2010




Check out the scrapbook and hobby/craft stores in town alot of them offer scrapbook parties. They offer meals and supplies. You get to use things and try them out before you buy them, plus there are alot of seasoned veterens at these events, Always willing to give you their input and ideas. some are as cheap as $15 or $20. and they go for hours. Also I keep a close watch on craigslist for people selling their scrapbook items, I watch for garage sales. and I have the craft and scrapbook stores on my favorites to keep a close eye on the sales that they have each week to make my money go a little farther. Another great place to get stuff for a good price, Ebay. but make sure you do your homework before you start bidding on things. sometimes it is not always the cheapest place to get items.

Linda - posted on 05/02/2010




Just be sure that if you want your scrapbook to last a lifetime then there are some must do's. Make sure all items in your album are acid free and lignen free. Many dollar store items are not and this can damage your pictures. Keep cotton balls from medicine bottles and wipe all traces of finger prints off the pictures when you are through with your page. Fingerprints contain oils and acids that can also harm pictures. Creative memories is where I started and this is where I learned all this. I am also into genealogy and preserving old pictures. Good luck, and yes I agree with the other posters. It is highly addicting!!

Ronae - posted on 05/01/2010




Waves hello. I would first make a small investment of buying a scrapbook sketch book. I learned this the hard way after subscribing to several scrapbook magazines. They are helpful but can be costly. Once you use the sketches in the book, you will soon be able to use your own creativity in making your own layouts. Only buy the necessities when first starting out to make sure scraping is what you would like to do. Many feel overwhelmed at first, but stick with it for a bit and you'll be able to decide whether you want to invest your time and money : D

Mary - posted on 05/01/2010




Be patient with yourself. You will probably need to figure out your own style. Simple, lots of bling, stamping, ribbon, stickers,...... I tend to take my time & let the page develop with time. If I try to do it all right away I'm usually second guessing myself. I start simple, then add a few extras later when I'm journaling. I tend to try to copy something I've seen & liked. But my own creativity has started to kick in. A buddy is a real good idea. Share tools & ideas.

Camilla - posted on 04/25/2010




Warning Will Robinson, buy as little as possible. Scrapbooking is really like Therapy, and provides some great time to relax. I started a scrapbooking club in my church and it is a good way to share ideas. There are many scrapbooking sites to learn from. Just have fun. My husband told me that he is going to but me a trailer to put all my stuff in.

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