Catching up, scrapping two kids

Judy - posted on 11/13/2008 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi! I love to scrapbook, but am REALLY, REALLY behind in my scrapping for my kids. Is there a quick way someone can recommend to catch up?

Also, what are some good ways you all have found to scrap for two kids? I have one book for each of them for their first year, but after that I'm stumped...



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Samantha - posted on 11/14/2008




my kids each just their first year album and then after that all my albums are done by year, they are family albums. it is too much for me to have to scrapbook things twice!!! also, I group my pics in envelopes and make a list of the order I plan on scrapping them, (I do thing in date order) and then when I sit down to crop, I dont have to figure out what to do, I just pull out the next envelope and do it! and then with my list , i always know the subjects that I will be doing so I know what stickers and things i need!

Julie - posted on 11/13/2008




Each of my kids have their own books. When I have pics printed out and they are both in the picture, I would make 2 copies so each of their books would have a copy of that picture. I wanted them to be stand alone books and their own stories so I decided to do it that way. More work but worth it to me. I am about 1 year behind on my eldest and 2 1/2 years behind on my second child. I scrapbook chronologically by preference. You can catch up as they get older. I find I take less pictures nowadays since my girls are older and don't change as quickly as they do when they are babies.

Joann - posted on 11/13/2008




You should try Creative Memories' Power Layout process. You organize your pictures, get them cropped, throw in your paper and embellishments, order them the way you would want them in an album and then stack them neatly in a small box just the size of an album. The box has guides to separate the pages so they won't get mixed up and even if turned over they remain in the same order. Then when you have time to work on it (even if it is just one page at a time) the box is ready for you to do just that, as little or as much as you can. Really you can put together a whole album in very little time using this process.

I also recommend that you start with current pics and work your way back while staying current. If you let the new ones keep piling on you feel further and further behind but if you get say your 2008 album done and then start working on one for 2002 then you somehow feel more accomplished bc you are ready for 2009.

I have always done family albums which I'm sure mine will fight over when I'm gone but one thing I've done is give them each a high school graduation album full of special moments of each of them. I catch them looking at the books over and over and my oldest cried when I gave it to her. Then of course my younger two were expecting ones for them! lol

Good luck! Joann

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I have a book for each of my two, but i have my own book with pics of one on one side of the page (when the book is open) and i use one kind of paper with accents of the other persons side and vice versa. but i only do this if they were both in the same pics. I have a 6 year old and a 1 year old, but neither one is caught up on lol. Also, i have a smaller book with their birthdays, my daughter is up to the 6th page and my son well, the first, but each birthday i plan on putting a pic of them eating their cake or opening a gift at that same age and also putting what they got, or who was there etc. I can also see what they both looked like at that age and how much alike they look. I do what Tiffany said too. But I put mine in envelopes with the date the photo was taken, anything anyone said that i thought was funny/cute/etc. who was there etc. that way when you want to sit down to scrap you don't have to try to remember back to a month ago it's all right there.

Tiffany - posted on 11/13/2008




I have found that if I put the pictures in order into a pic album, when I find time to work on my scrapbook, I am not searching for the pics I want to use. Also, it is easier to choose your paper color/style and embelishments since your pics are organized.

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