Getting my 3 yo involved?


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Christine - posted on 11/20/2008




My 3 yr old LOVES to watch and help "cut" the stickers are here favorite part. I also like Carmen's idea about the little scrap book and I may have to try that with my daughter.

Carmen - posted on 11/19/2008




Sure! Keep it very simple. I used to crop the photos for my daughter, but then I'd let her apply the stickers and help her use the glue stick or whatever. Also, you might keep the amount of time you work with your child short, otherwise they could get bored or as in my case, wild with the scissors or glue! I also got my daughter her own little scrap book for her to work on...she still has it and is very proud of it! If you try to work with your child on this and they're not interested, you might try to wait a couple of months and reintroduce it to him again then. Mine was almost 5 before she got interested enough to try it.

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