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I'm a brand new mom, my son is only a month old, and I love to scrap. I'm starting to wonder though, when will I EVER have time to work on pages again? I feel like I have maybe 10 minutes a day of free time while I'm awake, lol.


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Jonette - posted on 12/08/2008




My oldest was 5 before I finished scrapping his baby book. I now have 3 more (1 stepdaughter, 2 more boys 2 yrs & 8 mo). I have found that scrapping relaxes me & I do it whenever possible. You'll find your groove & figure it out. Just remember to always make some time for yourself...helps keep the sanity!!

Chris - posted on 12/08/2008




Take photos now, scrap them later! Your so will only be a baby once, so enjoy it while it is here. And, no, you don't have the time to scrap right now, but it will come. Once he gets older and is napping a bit more regularly, you can scrap during naptime. I have 2 boys who are now 5 & 22 months. I would highly recommend signing up for a kit-of-the-month club or purchasing kits from your local scrap store. They usually go together really quick and are huge time savers, especially if you find ones where the pages are pre-designed and even pre-cut for you. You assemble & embellish as fits your style, but the planning is all done for you! I REALLY like the ones from Scrapbook Generation -- They have sketches with exact measurements, all the pieces are pre-cut, and they even include the embellishments!! They have a baby's first year club that in one page kit a month, even includes the album -- talk about easy!!!! I did it for my son & it was great! I would also recommend signing up for some crops - Daddy or Grandma can spend some quality time with the new baby, and mom can get some "girl time" in and feel like you are being productive at the same time! (Of course, if you are nursing, you will probably have to wait a while before you can do a crop, or have someone bring the baby to you & you & baby take a break together for a while.) Hope this helps & congrats on the new bundle of joy!

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