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I've been smoking for quite a while and i was smoking before i found out i was pregnant and i am having alot of trouble quitting If i could get some advice i would greatly appreciate it.


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Melissa - posted on 11/09/2008




I smoked until the day I found out I was pregnant with each of my children, so my heart is with you. I am somehow able to drop it if I'm pregnant. Remember that beautiful baby growing inside of you and how much they need a clean place to grow, use the motivation of visualizing them smoking when you do...not a pleasant one. If you must, slow down gradually, since I'm sure you will get some withdrawal. However, you can always quit cold turkey and blame the withdrawal symptoms on the pregnancy! The website becomeanex.com is a great help, or talk to your OB and tell them the truth. Lots of prayer and gum, and snacks, taking a walk, calling a friend who can talk you through an immediate craving. Try to put off the urge to smoke for 10 minutes and redirect yourself...I hope you succeed!

Christina - posted on 11/09/2008




I didn't smoke in my pregnancy's but my friend did. She cut back a lot, but wasn't able to quit completely until the baby was born and she hasn't smoked now for over a year. The other suggestion is good, gum and lots of prayers, you'll need it, good luck.

Alej - posted on 11/09/2008




HI , I used to smoke, for almost 15 years, I prayed and chewed lots of gum and excercised. It was one of my hardest habits to break, cause I did go back after a year, but quit again, praying and believing that God would just take that urge away, and eventually the taste just made me sick so He did take it away. Now I can smell it from far away and am just grossed out by it, just thinking of how it pollutes ,darkens and sickens our lungs and body. Then non smokers like our kids, get the same effect, so i've heard, could even be worse. Any way, I hope this helps and I pray you can let go of the habit.


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