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I use to be a member of SM forum group but no longer am due to them changing there server and now asking for a member fee each year. But I did get some info from that site mainly 2 great poems that I found which have been written by other people that have or had SM. I printed these out a few years back and gave them to my daughter in which she loved them as they helped her to understand what she is going through and that she is not alone with SM.

I’ll Try Tomorrow

Here I am! I wanted to say

The girl that comes here everyday

I wanted to talk and be a part of you

And show you everything that I can do

But I sat here quietly day after day

Not knowing why I can’t ask you to play

I wish I had the strength to try

But, it was just too hard, (I was too shy)

You use to ask me many times to play

But I couldn’t answer I turned away

I wanted to smile and join in the fun

But I remained silent (I wanted to run)

I know I’m different but I want to be like you

But it’s the hardest thing for me to do

Now the day is over and my heart is filled with sorrow

For I couldn’t speak again today, I guess

I’ll try tomorrow

Author Unknown


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Cheryl - posted on 02/24/2009




Hope they help. My daughter found them useful to understand what she was going through. Skye is growing more confidence now to the point where her warts (they were all over her fingers and ankles  about 15 of them) have now almost completely gone. I think she has 2 left that are shrinking. Her anxiety levels have dropped which i think caused her warts. She is becoming a much happier child and is getting more involved in outside activities. Is now doing bowling and Gymnastics and talking to almost every one there. Just the school side of things to become less anxious around. I have told her that if and when she is ready to talk to her teacher (more than once) i will buy her any mobile phone she wants (has been asking for one for a while and is turning 10 soon) and she thinks its a great idea but i also said it doesn't matter how long it takes, its at her own time.

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Thank you for posting this Cheryl, this was really nice. I'm going to share it with Jiselle tonight.

Cheryl - posted on 02/02/2009




The Invisible Dragon


I have a dragon inside of me

He jumps in my mouth when I want to be free

He grabs at my throat when I want to speak

He makes me so scared that I feel very weak

You can’t see my dragon coz he’s deep down inside

But he makes me so nervous; all I want to do is hide

I wish that I could speak to you – I wish I had the choice

But the dragon inside of me has snatched away my voice

When teachers ask a question and we raise a hand

When she calls my name and makes me stand

I simply can’t answer – my throats too tight

Coz my dragon says “BOO” and I jump with fright

It really makes me sad; all I want to do is cry

Coz I’d love to be your friend if I wasn’t so shy

So if my face doesn’t smile when you ask me to play

It’s because this pesky dragon just won’t go away


Author Unknown

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