worried mum needs some help with anti social son

Bianca - posted on 09/12/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi Ladies:)

this is my 1st time here. I believe my son might have selective mutism. a little insight would be great !!

my son is 4 and has a terrible time talking to adults. If he has to greet or is asked a question he freezes up, sometimes cries and runs out of the room. we have spoken about it and he says he doesnt like them. It is totally random though eg. he might talk a strangers ear off but refuse to talk to his nanna who he sees almost daily. The adults he chooses to talk to changes daily. the funny thing is i have to ask him to stop talking sometimes at home because he is such a chatterbox.

He has avoided other adults since he was a baby (we were living far away from family) do you think that that has led to this behaviour now? he also is extremely bright well above his age average.

he goes to daycare and interacts with children fine, he follows directions and joins in but public speaking will shut him down instantly.

I am tearing my hair out because people assume its because we are bad parents and have been told many times that our son is rude, and that we have not taught him manners. but i also have a 2 year old social butterfly:P so i know its not anything we have caused.

does this sound familiar to anyone?? if so a little information on what you went though would be great :)

We are taking him to a psychologist next week to help us with this.

Thanks for your time,



Joana - posted on 12/07/2010




Hi Bianca. How is your son doing? I am not sure if my son has SM or if he is just plain shy. Did the psychologist help yours?

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