Selective Mutism Network

Selective Mutism Network is a non profit organization, striving to spread awareness and education. As a parent of two girls with Selective Mutism, I understand the struggles that parents go through. We want to help as many parents as possible, with getting the proper help to overcome this condition. Selective Mutism is known to be a fear of being heard or seen speaking in certain situations leading a child to speak in some settings and not in others. Children with this condition are typically comfortable speaking at home, they often do not talk at school. For a child with this condition entering an unfamiliar setting like school or daycare may seem threatening or dangerous. The childs school administrators and the teacher should lower the childs anxiety, and not force the child to speak. The lower the anxiety, the better chance for the child to speak. Some children shut down or appear frozen, and some are so self conscious that they will not eat in front of others or will avoid using the restroom at school. Some parents worry that teachers might underestimate the skills of a child who does not speak in the classroom. The key is to intervene early. The sooner the child is helped to work through his/her fear of speaking, the better. We think its unfair to say that children with Selective Mutism choose not to speak- but can't speak because of anxiety. The Selective Mutism Network wants parents, teachers, and school staff to work together in order to help the child that has Selective Mutism. We came up with paperwork for the parent, teacher, and school administrators. This paperwork will explain Selective Mutism, and tell everyone how important it is to help the child. We also have a goal chart for the childs teacher to fill out at school (four different ones, at different levels). We are working on our new website, but we have a Yahoo Group and Facebook page. If you have any questions, comments, or looking for any help, please contact me anytime. Thank you. Selective Mutism Network Angel Rosa


MAYA'S VOICE picture book

Hi! My daughter experienced SM during her first years in preschool. We are so grateful that she overcame it and is doing very well in kindergarten. We have turned our story...