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I'm a direct sales consultant for Madison Handbags. We offer at-home parties in which guests get to design their own handbags from over 70 fabrics. I'm looking for some new party games to play so that return guests aren't seeing/playing the same games over and over. My go-to game is the Left/Right game because it's an easy one to incorporate a game and presentation into one. Does anyone have some suggestions on other fun, quick party games that people seem to love? Thanks in advance! :)


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I collect party plan games. LOL Most are for sensual companies, but a lot of them, like Left/Right will work with any party plan. Here's a few that'll work for you.

TP Mystery Game

As guests arrive, hold out a roll of toilet paper and ask each guest to tear off whatever length of toilet paper they think they'll need. Don't explain what it's for but you might say something like "We're short of TP tonight, and I wanted everyone to have some before we ran out." During introductions, go around the room and have each guest say one thing about herself for each square of TP they took!

Purse Game

Spell out a word that relates to your business. Have each guest pull out their purse. Call out the letters of your word one at a time and have the guests find an item in their purse that starts with that letter. With each letter, the fastest is the winner! Give them a small prize, or better yet, give them a booking incentive!

Recruiting Icebreaker

Write the following list on a piece of paper, but have each sheet have the items listed in various orders (in other words Sing Mary Had a Little Lamb might be #1 on one list but #3 on another) - - BUT BE SURE that all lists have the same thing for #7. Pass a list to each guest & tell her to do each action on her list in the order in which it is listed. 1. Shake hands with 5 people 2. Say your name loudly 3. Look out the front door 4. Introduce yourself to the Demonstrator 5. Flap your wings like a bird 6. Take off you right shoe and leave it in the center of the room **7** THIS IS NUMBER 7 on each list - Go to the display, choose a product, and take it back to your seat. After all have chosen their item, have a guest go to center of the room, put her shoe back on her foot, tell the other guests why she chose the item she has, and demonstrate it. Each guest receives a prize.


Have each guest stand with her purse. Start naming items that should be in a purse (money, wallet, keys, lipstick, tissues, etc.). When you name an item that a guest does NOT have in her purse, she sits down. The last one standing wins. Have a long list prepared before you start the game.


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Grace - posted on 09/10/2012




The Left/Right game is great as an ice-breaker. I am a Mary Kay Consultant and we use a left/right game too. Our guests get a kick out of it.

Another of my favorites is the Purse Game. You let them know they are to find an item in their purse that begins with a certain letter, for example: "G", they can pull out a piece of Gum. You then go on to say "'G' is for 'Girlfriends' which you'll be sure to have fun meeting new ones tonight" or something like that. My letters normally spell out something beauty or skin care related. It doesn't have to spell anything out at all, it can be random letters of your choosing based on how you want to pique their interest. The first person to find items with all the letters you mentioned gets a prize or gets their name entered into a drawing for a prize or something like that.

This game is very customizable according to your liking.

Hopefully I wasn't too confusing in my explanation.

Best wishes!

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