I get paid to Sparkle with Premier Designs!

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I'm an independent representative with Premier Designs High Fashion Jewelry. Here's why I LOVE this job and this company. Please share your experiences with Premier, whether you sell the product, own the jewelry or have just attended a home show!

1. The company is founded on Biblical principals with the motto, "Honor God and Serve Others." When I was considering starting a business with a direct sales company, this is what sold me on Premier! I can honestly say it's not just words. Everyone that I've met within the company, from the founders and the senior leaders to the other representatives, live up to this standard!

2. Quality product with a great guarantee! Premier's product is fashionable and affordable. I've seen jewelry at department stores that is very similar for twice the price or more! Our "Golden Guarantee" states that the company will replace any jewelry with a manufacturing defect.

3. Support! Another representative got me into the company. She and her upline (the person who got her into the company) will send me emails with tips and ideas. Plus local trainings are available.

4. The profit! My gross profit is 50%. My average retail at a homeshow is $400. This means I make approximately $200. That translates to about $80/ hour (including preparation time, party, and clean up).

5. The product sells itself! Because it's fashionable and reasonably priced, I haven't ever had to push my product.


Joanna - posted on 12/06/2010




Hi Sara,
I use the Premier Design jewelry- great value! Post your link or email it to me! Being in the vacation benefit business- I like fun jewelry to wear! I'm in Silicon Valley.


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April - posted on 11/30/2010




Great post Sara!!!! Thanks for contributing and telling us about your company!!!

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Sometimes that happens! It comes with the direct sales territory. But that's okay. For most people the great shows help balance out those that don't go so well.

Katherine - posted on 11/29/2010




Sounds awesome Sara!!! See I tried Lia Sophia. I had really bad luck. The people that I GOT to come bought, but I invited 34 people and 4 came!!!!

[deleted account]

FYI, I'm in the Baton Rouge area. But Premier is all over the US. I'm sure I could help you find a representative in your area if you are interested!

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