mary kay does it work?

Ashley - posted on 03/06/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




does it really work?been wanting to do it but does it really work


Roz - posted on 03/09/2010




Most legit direct sales businesses will work...but really it's up to you to make it work. If you LOVE mary kay products and LOVE makeup, LOVE helping women feel beautiful and helping others work at home, then likely you will do well with it. If you don't think you are passionate about mary kay then likely it won't work.

Really research the company, their philosophy, the products, the pay, and interview several mary kay reps to find the one that you fit best with. If you love everything about it and love your potential sponsor then you will probably do great with it.

You need to be consistant and work your busienss with dedication every day to see it work...and you also need to be committed to doing this from the start. This is really the only way to make a work at home business work...if is hard work but if you love what you do then you will more than likely succeed!


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Shannon - posted on 03/10/2010




I am really impressed with the responses posted to your question. Bethany and Roz had excellent suggestions. I am going to go get that e-book. Thank you! I would like to resonate that network marketing is a business model that works but it is a business tht you have to commit to and be passionate about. A good way to know if you are passionate about the products and company is to ask yourself why you want to be in an at home business and be very specific as to what it will take to achieve those goals. I chose the trumpnetwork because it fit what I was looking for and my wish for anyone looking for a business is that they make the decision and know in their heart it is exactly right for them and the future is bright!

Bethany - posted on 03/08/2010




Hey Ashley,

There are some key things to know about ANY home-based business... whether its Mary Kay, or Avon, or Pampered chef... any of those. I learned the hard way.

If you are willing, let me tell you my story. I had been exposed to a number of home businesses over the years, but finally jumped in myself last spring. I worked hard on it for the last year or so, but I got stuck in the mud, if you will. I had worked over most of my warm market (those are the people that I know personally, like my friends and family or coworkers) and hadn't achieved much in sales and had not managed to sign up a single business builder. I was feeling pretty frustrated, so I started looking online. I found some programs online but they just didn't jive with me well. So I kept looking.

Finally someone introduced me to another system, Mentoring For Free, that offers some amazing training. It has some great leaders in it, people who have build their business big and what to help others... anyone from any business, how to do the same. As new people join, and they have skills and experience in specific areas, we all contribute as we can and share what we know. But it all starts with a great, little ebook called "Success In 10 Steps". Its helped me overcome my frustrations and struggles in my business. If you EVER have any interest in starting a business from home, I suggest you read this book. It will help you avoid a lot of the pit falls 97% of network marketers fall into. Ouch! *smiles*

I'm still a newbie really, but I am thankful to finally be on the right path. Know what I mean? Let me know if you'd like to check out the book.

Tell me about why you want to start a business from home, what is your reason? Its a big deal to know why because this job can be hard... but it is also VERY rewarding.

Wishing you the best,


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