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Sensory Intergration Dsyfunction / SID/ SPD

A community of moms dealing with the everyday challenges of SID.


OMG! It worked!

My 9 year old was diagnosed last spring with SID. He has been getting OT at school and I have been trying things at home. He plays soccer and last Sunday before the game, he...


Chemical Free??

Just wanted to know what everyone thought about chemical fee or green it something that will help kids with SPD and why??dont know much about it......



Hi everyone!!!! I am new here, and really just wondering what the difference between SPD and SID is!?! My oldest daughter, who is 5.5, was just diagnosed with SPD after ruling...


Boise Idaho

I would like to know if any of you live in or around Boise Idaho? I would love to have contact with someone locally in the same situation with SPD.


Could it be SID?

I'm just starting to research SID and am wondering if my daughter has it. I'm in BC, Canada and I have no idea where to start as far as getting a diagnosis. Anyone have any ideas?