Sensual Freedom   (GLBT & QIPA etc.)

This network is for all those (any gender) that wish to discuss their lives and sexualities in an open and accepting community, without the fear of exposing themselves to the public if you so please. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transexual/Transgender, Intersexual, Polysexual, and even those questioning their sexuality and allies of this community are welcome. Meet and greet, discuss common problems and issues, get support and find out more about different lifestyles and sexualities.


Welcome to the group!

Hey, hope you enjoy SF! If you have any mommy/daddy friends that are like minded or supportive feel free to invite them along for the ride ;o) This is a fairly new group but...


Introduce yourself!

Hi! My name is Jessica and I'm a pansexual Mom who is also polyamorous. I started to figure out my sexuality when I joined a GLBTA support group in high school to accompany some...