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Veronica - posted on 08/04/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 23 month-old son recently started crying when he knows it's bedtime. I used to be able to just lay him down in crib and say good-night. Now he cries each time I lay him down. Any suggestions or answers would be great!


Lyndsay - posted on 08/14/2009




I have this problem too! I've started letting Aaron take a couple of small toys to bed with him, which sometimes helps. Other times I will just let him cry for a few minutes then go in and tell him to lay down and put his head on the pillow, and its bed time, goodnight. If he keeps crying I'll wait a little longer, then do it again. If it continues, when I go in for a third time I'll tell him this is the last time I'm coming in so you'd better go to sleep, and if he doesn't I just let him cry until he does.

I let my son have a squirt bottle of water when he goes to bed, because he's very active and drinks heavily during the day. Usually this helps to soothe him, but a lot of times I wake up in the morning to him and his bed being soaked. He doesn't mind this at all so it works for me, but it may not work for you.

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