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september 2002 babies

For all the mum's who had a baby in september 2002.


2012 school year

so 4th grade has begun for my liitle man. it seems to be going good so far. how is the year going for everyone else



My so was born on the 25th of sept, on 2002!


Good with words

My daughter is very good with her words. Ever since she could talk she would try to talk you into getting her something even after you told her no. She can go to the store you...


How old is too old for smocked clothing?

My oldest daughter is 7 and she has a little sister that is 2. I love dressing them alike alot and I am beginning to wonder if she looks silly wearing dresses with smocking on...


Electronics and time

I was just wondering how others were handling the whole electronics (Wii, computers, DS, TV and what not) and time thing? My son gets maybe an hour a day, he has to get chores...



Hey everyone! My husband and I have decided that we want to start giving our 7 year old daughter chores around the house, but we don't want them to interfere with her school...


How is your child doing with school?

Hello im new to this community, my daughter Noami was born september 20th 2002, and the time has gone by so fast! Naomi has started Kindergarten and before this she was in a...


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to all of our September children! My Daughter was 9/18. 7 already where does the time go?


Homework issues?

My son is so hard to get to do homework, stay quiet in class and just pay attention! I dn't know what to do!



After reading some of the posts here - I have to say that it makes me stop and think. To that end I want to empower mothers to practice better self-care by doing something nice...


Stranger danger and the talk

I have a lot of friends with younger children, but not alot with 6 year olds. I was wondering what have you told your kids about strangers? Have you had the talk?