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Hi there again. Well my little guy is 16 months and is a pretty good eater. He doesn't really like meat but will on occasion eat it. He eats a lot of cheese, beans, avocados,bananas,peas,chicken fingers, the list goes on. But what I see as a problem is that they are all finger foods. He eats yogurt if I feed it to him but he doesn't like to feed by a spoon to much anymore and is trying to take the spoon when I do feed him that way. Are any of you letting your little ones feed themselves with utensils yet or are you still doing the finger food way? Also I feel like his menu is pretty small. Do you have any ideas of other foods to give him. I would greatly appreciate your response and value your advice. Rachel in Northern Cali.


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Yes, I let my son feed himself w/a fork or spoon.  He loves it.  It can get quite messy.  I started by cutting fingerfood (cheese, fruit) into bite size pieces and let him eat it with a small fork- with some guidence of course.  As long as he thinks he's doing it like a "big boy" he gets quite proud.  He's recently graduated to the more messy stuff.  I'm not really looking forward to the mess, but he has to learn somehow.  Since he's interested now, I figure the sooner he learns, the sooner I don't have to do it which frees me up to straighten up the kitchen while he eats.

LeighAnne - posted on 01/15/2009




My daughter is trying to self feed with a spoon as well. I let her try it. I have found that as long as she has at least one finger food, she'll allow me to give her other foods with a spoon. Like I can cut up cantelope (sorry know that's spelled wrong!) for her to pick up and eat and feed her mac n chees with a spoon. As long as she has something she can do herself, she'll let me still give her some foods with a spoon. Hope this helps. Your son is gorgeous

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