LOVES to color on walls.

Kim - posted on 11/08/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son LOVES to color all over my walls and somehow he always finds a marker. Anyone else have this problem.


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Lyndsay - posted on 11/10/2009




I just keep my son's markers put away unless I'm there to supervise him. He sometimes colours on things with chalk from the chalkboard in his room, but thankfully that's easily cleaned up. When I was growing up this girl down the street had a chalkboard built onto her walls... as in, her parents painted a big square of it green and let her colour on it with chalk. I don't know what you think of that but it's kind of a cool idea to me.

Toni - posted on 11/10/2009




oh god yes, Imogen is always trying to sneak pens, pencils or anything else that makes a mark to my walls. Although saying that we have had 2weeks with out any drawing on walls so hopefully she has stopped, I wont be holdin my breath though just a paint brush ready for touching up paint work.

Kait - posted on 11/09/2009




yes, absolutely... my daughter got color wonder markers for her birthday they are great... but they aren't too good if you want to work on coloring in the lines bc sometimes it doesnt let them color out of the lines... good for unattended play, but when I color with her we use crayons or pencils

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