My daughter loves takeing off her diaper, is it time to potty train?

Sarah - posted on 02/14/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




My daughter, who will be 17 months on the 15th of Feb., will take off her diaper almost any time I give her the chance. A few times she has grabbed a diaper or her baby powder when she was dirty, does this mean she is ready to be potty trained? I don't want to burn her out because I tried too early.


Heather - posted on 03/18/2009




I laughed reading the comment about the other mom using duct tape...I did the same thing. My second child did not like diapers at all and she had so many accidents on the floor. Her older sister was always saying "she's doing it again!" I started duct taping them on. She thought it was funny. I kept a potty chair in the living room and one in the bathroom and she'd try to go when I went. She lived on the one in the living room. It'd have to make her get off of it. She could sit there for hours. Make it fun and don't push anything with it. My son right now is 18 months and we have two potty chairs out here and he wants nothing to do with them with his diaper off-he's afraid of his privates. Don't know how I'm going to get around this obstical, this is my first boy. I just let him sit on it as a chair so he's very comfortable with the potty chairs and when he's ready we can try it again with the diaper off.
I think with her at that age, if she's willing to do it, go for it. If she's not ready, you'll know.

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I started with my now 3 year old when she started taking off her diaper, but didn't force anything.  I left the potty seat out where she could sit on it if she likes, and took her to the bathroom with me when I had to go.  I think it was 2 months before she went potty in the seat, but less than a month later she was potty trained.  She has been potty trained since she was 26 month, which I found amazing because with my older 2, they didn't potty train till 3.  Just take it slow and easy, and dont force it and you will be fine!

Trinna - posted on 02/27/2009




My daughter does the same thing..I think they just want some air on there tushy the diaper make it she can do it so she does.She also takes her pj tops off..its a new thing and the more I say "no" she keeps doing it..She gets her diapers and wipes also but no they are too young to even understand potty training,I'm not even going to try till she is around 2 or when she is ready.

Misty - posted on 02/25/2009




To me it sounds like more of a self suffient thing then a potty training thing.  I would not potty train until 2yrs.  Her brain isn't developed enough to control her bladder and bowls.  What I would do is work on her dressing herself and undressing herself.  Which as we know is a very important skill for potty training.  It won't do much good if she can't even take off her own pants!


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Lindsey - posted on 03/03/2009




ive tried everything with my little one and he still manages to take off his diaper!! it started probably around his first bday and it got so bad as sometimes 2-3 times a day for several days! it only happens in his crib when i think he's asleep. he's pretty quiet! but his just wasnt taking off his diaper it was (what we like to call) "poo parties!" soo gross! and bad for him too! now he just likes to shred his diapers! i had to call pampers hotline one time because he had ingested those little crystals that absorb the wetness. (not toxic by the way!) i dont know if he's just bored or what but we've tried everything! we tried the duct tape but he shredded his whole diaper and the only thing left was the duct tape band around his waist! lol we've tried onesies but he figured out how to take them off! the only thing i think we havent tried is putting his pjs on backwards but he's a little magician! i think he could probably figure it out!

we started potty training about a month ago but we've been slacking so i think its time to start picking it up again! if you do decide to start potty training your little one i suggest just taking your time and just sitting in there with him and bring books or any other activities to keep him busy because they lose interest so easily! my son likes to play with stickers while on the potty. good luck!

Jane - posted on 02/24/2009




If you decide not to potty train yet, I have several solutions for keeping the diapers on.  Duct tape can help a lot (sounds terrible but works pretty well, at least for a while).  Also, if she begins to undress herself, one-piece pajamas that zip can be put on backwards and that works REALLY well (cut off the feet if you have to).  Good luck.

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Hi! My believe I tried to toilet train my eldest daughter toooo early and made her dead set against the potty! Libby who is nearly 17mths does the same thing if she hasn't got any pants on over her nappy so we do try the potty, she has  no idea really but I am introducing the potty all the same! She will let me know when she is really ready and until then I will just have to keep pants on her unless I want a mess on my floor LOL!

Emily - posted on 02/17/2009




I started potty training when my daughter starting doing the same thing. It's been an uphill battle but I didn't think potty training would be easy. So far, I think she's only gone once or twice but we still try every day. It seems that we'll try and as soon as she's back in the living room, she goes. It's definately frustrating but we'll just keep going at it.

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I can't wait until summer so my little one can run around without a diaper outside. My daughter has been sitting on the potty when she wants to (sometimes she goes, mostly not), don't force it, and she enjoys it. We do this a couple times a day. It sounds like your daughter is signaling you when she needs a new diaper. My daughter signals by signing potty (and that red face). Your daughter might be ready to get more familiar with the toilet. Maybe you can avoid burnout by going at her pace, listening to her cues about enjoyment or frustration. Every kid learns to use the toilet at different ages, so I wish you the best in this adventure.

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