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Sam - posted on 01/19/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




have any of you potty training or potty trained your child


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Jessi - posted on 03/27/2011




Our twins have been trained for about a year now. We used the ebook "The Potty Boot Camp." It really helped. It was only $5, and totally worth it! My children were totally trained (except for nighttime) within a couple of weeks. Nighttime dryness takes a while longer, and that was only time we used Pull Ups.

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he's basically got it down! hasnt worn a pull up in almost a month. at first he would only pee sitting down but now he will do it standing up. the only problem we have he sometimes hides and will poop in his underwear...i dont understand it at all. it only happens like twice a week. it just puzzles me as to why most of the time he will go in the potty and sometimes he has those accidents.

CANDICE - posted on 03/09/2011




pretty close, he is still a little afraid to sit on the potty to go #2 however if i stand there with him he does the deed just fine usually! he is just starting to pee in the toilet while actually standing up!

Brianne - posted on 03/09/2011




We are officially out of diapers after only 2 years in pull-ups! We are on 3 nights without them, which is very exciting. We had an issue for a while where she would get to the bathroom and then pee all over the floor. Its amazing how much a tiny bladder can hold, our vanity cabinet is totally destroyed.

Donelle - posted on 02/17/2011




my twin boys are going to be turning 4 next month and i can officially say they are fully potty trained. I started last summer and we went camping and the bathrooms was a very long walk to get to when they had to go so it went down hill for awhile. I started again this last fall and they did great waking up dry (good sign of being ready) They went pee no problem in the potty I had one little chair and used the regular toilet with the smaller ring on that for the other. Then was the road of pooping. After 2 months they have gone poop in the potty consistantly :) It seemed that they would poop just about the same time within minutes of each other. I can say is stick with it. boys take more time and persistance and patience than a girl. My oldest daughter was fully trained at 14months and the second oldest daughter was trained later due to her disability. I did tell the boys that they were soo big and gave them high fives and hugs each time they went simple reward but it was in a way a parent can show how much they love them for their efforts. I hope this helps.

Heather - posted on 01/19/2010




I have twins and having issues with them talking, as I understand from many people as well as the daycare centre they are at that it is a common thing for twins they understand everything you say to them but dont want to talk, so at the moment potty training is an issue. With my daughter I started just before she was two as the daycare centre she went to it was a regulation that they were toilet trained by the age of 2yrs therefore I had no choice, she did very well but there were still issues when we went out so she was kind of in and out of nappies until three and one day she just decided that she didnt want nappies and that was it so I guess I let her make the decision herself maybe something to do with peer pressure. It was hard having three in nappies but I really didnt stress too much about potty training.

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