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I need tips. My 2 1/2 year old doesn't want to potty train. I try to be patient but the big problem is that she is willing to sometimes but refuses more often then not!


Kelly - posted on 05/13/2010




The thing I would suggest is to just go with the flow (no pun intended) and at her own pace. We waited until our daughter was very interested in the potty before we started. Another thing that helped was her hanging around other kids who were potty training and the peer pressure in this case was very positive. We haven't used a potty chart/reward chart but may do that as the summer goes on. Have patience and expect setbacks. I'm looking forward to the day it clicks for mine!! I find peace in the fact that all children eventually get potty trained.

Good Luck!!


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Thank you everyone. She has been going more often and we have started changing up her rewards. Today as a reward for going at least twice everyday for a week we rewarded her with a piggy bank (cute small and $1) for her money rewards to go into. She has proudly put it on a little shelf in the bathroom for easy access and always brings it to me when she thinks she has to go so far. I don't know many people who have kids her age so it is hard to use 'Peer Pressure' but we have started trying to have her around her older cousins that already go in the potty to see if they have the same effect (First outing was with her 6 year old cousin and he peed his pants at the zoo, not a good example!)

Laura - posted on 05/11/2010




Hi Kat!
Thanks for your response to my post =) I know exactly what you're going through! My son has recently just started breaking through with his potty training. He would throw such a fit if we forced him to use his potty. We have a potty chart that rewards him with stickers for every time that he actually goes pee in the potty. Sometimes it's good to change up the reward. Our son loves M&M's & Super Hero movies. Right now if he stays dry all day and does pee pees in the potty he gets to watch one Super hero movie before bed. We also rewarded him with an affordable toy the first time he finally went poop in the potty instead of his pull up. As much positive reinforcement as possible is your best bet. And when you want to scream walk away & feel free to do just that. Through all of it he seems to be finally doing everything in the potty on a mostly regular basis. Good luck and hang in there!

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I have done the same thing and she is even allowed to play with the potty with her dolls. We have one for the toilet and a chair so that if she wants one of her stuffies can even join her. Its just that she will do it like once or twice a day and will still sit on the potty often but not go. That is what is so frustrating and starts to feel like she is actually toying with me because she will ask to go, then pee or poo, and then she will continue to just sit and not do anything. Sometimes she will even insist on sitting there for an hour and not go. I ask if she is done and if she still wants to sit I let her. Its just the sign of being able to and not willing to I am trying to get past.

Alice - posted on 05/10/2010




With all of my girls, we just put a little potty in our bathroom and they wanted to go potty "like mommy" or later like their sister(s). Usually they showed interest between 14 and 20 months and I would get excited if they peed or pooped, but didn't push it. We usually made a game of it... we made up potty songs ("tinkle tinkle little girl, come and fill that potty up") or made goofy faces mimicing their faces, whatever worked for them. We learned when we could challenge them to do better (like when to switch to cloth underwear). Each one was different. If your daughter's old enough, try talking to her about going to the potty. You know what she likes and how she like to play; perhpas if you make potty time fun and challenging, she'll rise to your expectations.

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