Question about my son's uncircumcised penis

Cyndel - posted on 05/09/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




I decided not to circumcise my son, but I've not done a ton of research on it. It just didn't feel necessary. My question is he is now over 3 1/2 and hasn't pulled back/retracted his foreskin. From the little I've read he should be able to by now. Is this true? Do I need to encourage him to try and pull it back? He isn't very good in the language department and not sure how to explain to him what I want him to do. Also hubby is circ'd so he can't just show him what to do.
Where are some trustworthy websites where I can do my research? We are expection another baby here in the next week and I have a strong feeling it is a boy and I want to know more about caring for an uncircumcised penis. Also so I can start teaching my son how to care for his properly.


Dawn - posted on 07/14/2011




My son's pediatrician said you shouldn't pull it back until it starts to retract on it's own. One of the reasons I picked her is because she came from one of the countries that do not circumcise, so she knows all about that. I had a doctor tell me that I should be pulling it back when he was less than a year, and that can cause tears which can cause infection.

Anyway, my son is 3 1/2 also and his is not retracting yet either. Kylie was right. A soak in the bath is all he needs for cleaning now. My pediatrician said that while boys are young and taking baths, the penis is self cleaning, The water that will naturally go in and out during a bath is all he needs. She also said anywhere from now to age 6 it should happen.

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Don't worry, it will retract naturally anytime up to age 7, just teach him to wipe it over like finger. A soak in the bath (and boys usually have little play with it while in the bath) is enough to get it clean. Call him intact not uncircumcised :)

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Congrats on keeping your son intact! The average age of preputial separation is 10 years old, but it can finish separating at 2 or 18. There's a phrase, "If he can pee, let him be." If urine is exiting (even with ballooning and/or redness during separation) all is well. Other than frostbite, gangrene, or cancer, there is virtually zero medical justification to ever circumcise. "If intact, do not retract! Wipe like a finger: outside only." :)

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A foreskin should only ever be retracted by the boy himself, and it will happen naturally in phases when he's ready. *Never* try to retract the foreskin for him, as this can cause tears and infection. Trust nature!

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Hi~ My son is not circumcised either and his foreskin is not retracted yet. From what my doctor told me it is nothing to worry about now until hes around 5 yrs old. I know that before they used to want you to retracted the foreskin but anymore they say it will do it on its own. If your worried ask your doctor when you go in for your next visit~ Good luck with your new one.. Congrats


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thank you so much for this add!!! I come from a country where is not common to circumsise, my husband isn't and neither is my child, but my husand does not remember much about when and how he's skyn started to contract, and I was starting to worry about it a little. When my son teakes a shower or a bath i alwasy remind him to clean his penis and he listens and tries very gently to pull the skyn back, but I never try todoit myself cause I feel I might hurt him, so I just relly in the feeling that nature will do her job evenually and as he grows it will happen by itself? and now all your comments are very helpful, si I will stop worrying about it! thanks again!

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my son is not circumsied either, cause religious and dnt think necessary reasons. I've been pulling back since early. And his doc says it will happen on it's own. Whenever we shower or bath I say' wash penis' and whenever possible get him to look at wat I'm doing. He'll have time to learn. :-)

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