Question Regarding VTech Preschool Learning Tote and Go Laptop?

Kim - posted on 12/06/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Has anyone got this for their kids??? is it good??? many games /learning activitiers??? value for money????


Farizah - posted on 12/09/2009




Hi Kim,

I bought this laptop for my son about 4-5 months ago and the speaker for the sound is already damaged (no sound when the laptop flipped open and crackling sound when closed). Very disappointed considering this laptop is not cheap and most importantly, my son loves his laptop so we had actually been taking a good care of it.

I am still searching for the paper to see if there's any warranty for it.

I had purchased this laptop after seeing my son started getting bored with the (just)2 activities on his favourite Little Tikes laptop, which he had been doing again and again - that he could memorised the sequence order of the jumbled alphabet game.

On the Vtech laptop, it have a varieties of learning activities/games. For example, the alphabet option alone have several activities. And that's what's good about this laptop. But for a 2yr old, my son is only interested with some of the alphabets and numbers activities options.

Manufacture stated it's for 36mths - 7yrs old but looking at the damaged sound speaker, I wonder how can can we expect this laptop to last until the young child is old enough to be able to enjoy all the other activities?

I also would like to comment on the keyboard keys. Thay can be hard to press. I even had to press them hard and several times at times in order for the laptop to 'capture' what I've pressed. So just imagine with the little fingers of our little ones? I had family and friends (adults) who played with this laptop together with my son, commented about this too.

Due to the screen which is quite small, it can sometimes be quite hard to see what's on the screen. But this is something I was already aware of before getting this laptop as I had read reviews mentioning on this issue (though when compare between the screen picture of the Vtech and Little tikes, the latter one is much better).

The cute 'squirrel' (which does all the promptings) have a some kind of a cute 'nasal-accent'(?) to go along too. =D In the beginning when we got this laptop, it took me a while to understand what the squirrel was saying. But it's not much of an issue once I got used to the voice. Hehe. ;)

Other than that, I like the body of the laptop - with the convenient handle, colourful buttons, 'smart' space at the back to store the mouse.

If this laptop does come with a warranty, yes I do think it's a value for money. =)

Hope this helps. :)


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Ashlee - posted on 12/12/2009




I thought my son would love that toy, so I got it for him for his birthday. I wish I hadn't :(. I think that in a year or two it could be an awesome toy for him, but it's not for a two year old. In the beginning he would just press the same button over and over again. Once that got boring, he discovered that he could flip it over and remove the battery cover and take out the batteries! Needless to say, I had to take it away from him. I can't believe that a toy for preschool aged children wouldn't have screws holding the battery cover on. That's just dangerous. Anyway, if I were you, I'd wait another year or so. We also have the V-tech Alphabet Apple and he really likes that. It's a little easier for younger kids because it lights up to help them find the right answers to the questions.

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