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Ashley - posted on 03/28/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




Anybody have any good arguments for sending your child/children to preschool at 3 years old. My hubby doesn't like the idea - mainly due to family influences - can you help me to change his mind??

Any websites or reports on the subject would be greatly appreciated esp if they are based in Oz or UK!!

Many thanks Ashx


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Our church also has a preschool, one big reason we want to send her. If I could have I would have sent my daughter last year, but she missed the cut off by one week (just a little upset about that. Now shes going to be three with two year old, I'm waiting to see if they move her with the other thee year olds.

Nade - posted on 04/16/2010




i send my liltle boy to childcare when he was 2.3 years adn i have seen such a great improvement in him emotionally.the staff are caring helpful cheerful and are fun to be is a great place not just socially but for overall development and if there is anything that the child needs to improve on that we have not as parents notice they will be there to assists you big thumbs up for childcare i say.

Lucy - posted on 04/05/2010




My daughter goes to playschool for two mornings and two afternoons a week, and it has done her so much good!

She is socially very comfortable meeting new kids and adults now, and has developed a lovely group of friends who will be in her class when she starts reception class at primary school next January, so the transition to full time school should be easier for her. Ivy loves to tell me what she has been up to without me, that little bit of independence has boosted her self esteem no end!

Are you in Oz? In the UK it is widely accepted that some kind of playschool or preschool is beneficial to all children. So much so that every child, regardless of the family's financial status, is entitled to 12.5 free hours at nursery or playschool every week. I guess not all parents take this up though, as my auntie who has taught reception for 30 years says that it is noticeable that those children who haven't experienced some kind of preschool struggle compared to those who have. She observes that the preschoolers find making friends easier, often have better speech and general communication skills and are more ready to learn. I know this doesn't constitute a formal study, but we're talking about a lady with many years experience.

I'm on the commitee of my daughter's playschool and sometimes get drafted in to help for a session or two, which means bringing my two year old son with me, and he can't wait to be allowed to stay and play without mummy!

Asma - posted on 04/04/2010




i didnt send my daughter @ 3 . and send her to kg1 at 4 but the diffrence between the child who starts at the age of 3 will remain .now i m sending other daughter at 3 to nursury
. this is nacessary to make a good base of a child to start schooling at the age of 3

Vicki - posted on 04/03/2010




i sent my daughter to preschool and 3 last Sept and she has learned so much. Just socialing with other children and learning to take direction from others (teacher). I would recommned sending them to preschool.

Lee - posted on 04/02/2010




my daughter is goin g for the first time two mornings a week in sept. she will be going to preschool for three years bc we have decided to red shirt her and not send her to k when she is still four. (her bday is sept 29th).

Lyndrill - posted on 04/01/2010




I've been home with my kids since my son was born in '07. He starting early headstart in Aug. He's only two and I've seen ia kid so ready to go to school ( hope he stays that way) But anyways I think it a good idea because is give them a chance to get ready for school that way it dont be so hard when its time to go to elementary when its time. They'll already know how schools going to be. its easier going from preschool to elementary than home to elementary

Jackie - posted on 04/01/2010




I am sending my daughter to preschool in the fall because of the socialization. I was told that one of the most important requirements for kindergarten is the ability to introduce themselves to other kids and ask them if they want to be friends. My daughter is very smart and well behaved but she is very shy. She is even a little afraid of kids because she has cousins that hit her a lot. She needs positive social interactions and she will need to get used to being somewhere without me on a regular basis.

Claire - posted on 03/31/2010




My son is going to pre school in September, and he will be turning 3. He goes to childminder at moment 4 days a week whilst I work, and he will do pre-school 2 mornings. It will be great for him to mix entirely with kids his own age (rather than with mix of ages) and learn some independance rather than just a ratio of 1 to 3 it will be 1 to 7. Its also a great step towards getting ready for school in a fun environment. This is the plan, but we will see how it all goes.

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