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Nichole - posted on 06/15/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




.Hello; we took my son to a dentist (referred by a local dentist, as a pediatric dentist) when we noticed brown spots on his teeth. We had to wait 3 months (!!!) to get in to see them. They told us he did have some decay and recommended capping all of his teeth as a preventative measure while he was under general anesthesia. We sought a second opinion. We were referred to a pediatric dentist by our pediatrician who informed us the first dentist was not actually a pediatric dentist, just billed herself as one. The new dentist recommended pulling his 8 front teeth (top and bottom) to keep the decay from spreading and becoming severe, then filling one top tooth; he said they do not do general anesthesia; instead they give them a sedatvie and nitrous and then restrain them in a papoose. Needless to say, we are seeking a third opinion (we go today). My question to you is; have any of you dealt with tooth decay in young children? we do not feed my son lots of sugar, he's never been allowed pop and we brush his teeth 3 times a day (morning, nap, and night). We don't know why he got decay (he quit the bottle, on his own, right at 12 months and never took it more than nap and bedtime after he started sippy cups) and it really makes me feel horrible. Also, what would you do in this situation? I'm not about to leave my 2 year toothless, but I don't want this to cause and spread infections or rot out his adult teeth. Any thoughts????? Please help!


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Erin - posted on 07/29/2010




Hi! My daughter (she is 7) had those brain spots on the top two front teeth. Our pediatric dentist told us it was something that formed during pregnancy... too much calcium or something like that. She just told us to make sure we really brush and floss her teeth every day and do the ACT mouth wash (it's safe if it's swallowed, but shouldn't be if you can help it). She has since lost both front teeth and I am anxious to see if the spots are still there... we were told they probably wouldn't be, but we'll see I guess.

Has your son ever gone to sleep with a cup or bottle of juice or milk? I've heard that that does decay teeth...... But anyway.... I wish you the best.... I hope it all works out for you! That is def. a hard situation... Good luck to you! :- /

Shawanna - posted on 07/28/2010




my niece an nephew both had tooth decay.. most dentist say its from allowing them to go to sleep with a sippy cup or bottle.. the milk sits on there teeth an causes decay.. kinda like bottle rot.

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My daughter just had 2 cavities filled in her 2 year molars. Our dentist said she has what is called hypoplasia- the enamel does not harden the way it should while developing in the womb. We were also told there were some spots on the top molars and that they too could turn into cavities. From what I understand from talking with our dentist depending on the spot it could take very little sugar, etc. to cause a cavity no matter how much we brushed. Also was told that the ones that were filled could end up in a silver cap until her permanent teeth come in. She was just given nitrous and they turned on cartoons for her and she did OK. We also gave her some special gifts (she had 2 appointments) for doing well and let her choose what we had for lunch after her mouth was no longer numb. I too felt horrible but it wasn't our fault. I hope the new dentist was helpful. And don't think I would let them restrain my child with a papoose because I know it would freak her out more. If my dentist did not succeed with his method he would have referred us to a pediatric dentist who would have use general sedation, not restraints.

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Do u dilute his juice? Even apple juice is quite corrosive on milk teeth.
He may just have chalky teeth. I wouldnt remove the teeth if he isnt in pain. I had 8 removed at that age n it stuffed my mouth, adult teeth didnt come in straight. good luck, n how did u get him to clean his teeth my girl is nearly 3 and she still wont.Thank God she hasnt got my teeth.

Alice - posted on 06/16/2010




My nephew had tooth decay really bad (his mom let him go to sleep with lolipops in his mouth!) on a front tooth. The dentist put a clear sealer over it (he was almost 3 when his grandmother finally took hiim (dad was deployed). The seaer wasto prevent additional decay, supposedly. When he was 5, they pulled the tooth (no others were seriously messed up) and his adult one was right underneath.

My oldest is 6. when she was 4 we went to the dentist about what i thought was a cavity in a baby premolar. It was. The dentist said she shouldn't lose that tooth until about 12 & said it should be filled. He was going to fill it but the novicane wore off (i guess) b/c christina was crying about it and said it really hurt so he used a "temporary filling" that is still there. It isn't affecting her gums & the decay hasn't progressed so we are just waiting for the tooth to fall out naturally. We don't eat candy, sodas, or gum either (sometimes their grandpa gives them candies, though)
I would ask about sealing options in your case. Or just try to keep his teeth clean and avoid highly acidic & sweet foods (like you alrwady are). The front teeth will all fall out between 5 & 8 yrs old. You really don't want your baby toothless while trying to learn speech!
One of my sisters was in an accident at 2 & her 4 front teeth got pushed up in her mouth. By the time they came down, she had learned to talk without them - but no one could really understand her. It sounded like she was retarded. She is 16, has had a surgery to try to correct it (didn't work) & still struggles with correct speech.
Sounds like you're doing a great job! Go with your gut... that's the best advice anyone can give.

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