3 month old baby teething?

Meghan - posted on 11/22/2008 ( 6 moms have responded )




Recently my almost 3 month old daughter has been showing signs of early teething! I've tried almost everything I can think of, and was going to try anbesol but it's only recommended for ages 4 months and up.. Any suggestions??


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Meghan - posted on 11/24/2008




Talked to the pediatrician. She said it's normal, and if baby gets TOO grumpy to give her baby tylenol. So far so good though. She just gets frustrated when she can't get all her fingers in her mouth! haha. Its cute, but she gets so mad! Going to buy her a teething ring as she can hold onto things and put them in her mouth as well. I hope she doesn't get teeth yet, because I plan to breastfeed for awhile! Mind you I've heard that as long as they have a teething ring when they aren't nursing, they don't use the breast as one!

Sami - posted on 11/23/2008




my son is 9 weeks old and has a tooth coming in!! I talked to his doctor and she said thats what what going...its crazy how yound he is and already getting a tooth. Good luck with your baby!!

Mary - posted on 11/23/2008




They make baby orajel but my experience with it is that it isn't that great. They drool and lick and it gets everywhere in their mouths and everything goes numb. That can sometimes make them more upset than the teething. It is not too early to be teething. ONce you are sure she's teething give her a little bit of tylenol, it helps!

Casey - posted on 11/23/2008




My daughter is 12 weeks too and has been a drooly chewing mess! I have been hoping it isn't teeth already, I breastfeed, but she doesn't seem too bothered by it really, she just can't get enough things in her mouth to slobber on though. One thing I have done for teething for kids I have watched is get a washcloth wet and freeze it for 30 minutes or so. Then it is still semi soft to those sensitive gums. but also cold to help with the pain.

Jenelle - posted on 11/23/2008




I would talk to your pediatrician. My daughter started showing signs at 2 months (she'll be 12 wks on tues.), so far so good. She loves nawing on tethers and the bottle nipple.

Good Luck!

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