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Cristna - posted on 04/03/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hey there! My son has had acid reflux since he was born. He has issues with holding his food down so the throws up a lot. His Pediatrician has had me add one tsp per ounce of formula to make it thicker and easier to hold down. This worked at first but I recently took him off of it because it began to get worse (I think he has an allergy to grains). He still has the reflux and I feel bad b/c you can tell when it's happening, he burps up a little food and sometimes spits it out but for the most part, this is gross, he eats it. Is there anything that I can do to help the poor guy out? He isn't in pain when it happens, thankfully, but I just want to help him with it. I don't have Medicaid for him anymore so I can't take him to the same Pediatrician plus I don't want to put him on antibiotics if I don't have to, that was the next step my Pedi was gonna take. Do any of you have any advice?



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Ashley - posted on 04/03/2009




My baby girl has reflux, too. The dr. started her on Zantac when she was 2 weeks old...and since then, WOW...she's much happier. They have a generic Zantac at Walgreens...and a family savings if you don't have insurance, you can get the prescription for $19/month. For us, it's definitely worth it! And, we can tell a MAJOR difference when we don't give it to her. Plus, our dr. told us that they outgrow reflux anywhere from 6-11 months of age, so it's not a permanent thing. But, I definitely recommend getting medicine until it goes away. Poor baby!

Cheryl - posted on 04/03/2009




My 2nd DD who was born in Sept as well (although preemie) has acid reflux. She takes 7.5 mgs of prevacid a day. It helped A LOT with her spitting up. She wasn't spitting up as much as "most" kids, most times it was almost half of what she had just eaten. Maybe talk to the doc about something like prevacid, domperidone or renitidine?? Hope this helps!! 

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