At what age should you begin assigning chores?

Fenesha - posted on 03/04/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




I have begun to let my 3 year old daughter do small everyday such as putting clothes in dirty hamper, putting dishes in sink, make sure her shoes are in closet, put clothes in washer/dryer. So is that too much or me expecting too much too soon. My dad says I need to let her be a kids as long as possible. I completely understand that but I dont want to have a child who expects me to do everything for her and not be independent.


Michelle - posted on 03/04/2012




my daughter isn't 3 yet and she does all of those things, my daughter is very independent so was my son at that age he is now 11 and not so independent anymore has grown to be very lazy. Never to early to teach children how to be responsible for their own stuff.


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Jacqueline - posted on 05/31/2012




My daughter cleans her room, makes her bed, does some of the dishes, hangs and folds most of her own laundry and puts her laundry where its supposed to go. My son who is 19 months also has "chores". He also has to put his own clothes away and he puts his underwear and socks away, cleans up his toys and "washes" the table in the living room. They also put their shoes away and put there jackets, coats or sweaters up.

I personally think the earlier the better. We have chore charts and "funny money" to trade in and earn toys or real cash to learn the value or earning your money and not being spoiled. When we go to the store its not MOMMY MOMMY CAN I HAVE THIS... its ooohh look mommy I putting this on my wish list!

They know they always have me when the need help but they can be "independent" in their own ways by having their own chores to do. I let them be kids... they ARE kids. But that doesnt mean they have to messy irresponsible. And when they EARN their toys they find more want to keep it nice and not break it thinking they can just get a new one.

Amy - posted on 05/23/2012




We are doing the same thing here, no not expecting too much. I was wondering what other things I can do. Right now we are doing clothes in hamper, put undies and socks away from the dryer, load clothes ( sheets, her clothes, towels, whites and darks in the washer) unload the dryer. Dishwasher, I say put everything that you know where it goes away, she puts the dishes she can't put away on the counter or hands them to me, but they are sorted. I have her use her step stool to put the silverware away in the proper places. Putting toys away is helping keep house, she eats she makes messes so she helps with sweeping too.
Oh we are making our bed, it doesn't look like how I would but it is getting her into the routine.
What do you others mamas do, and how do you make it fun.
I am teaching my daughter work before play, but make the work more fun as mommys helper.

Joanne - posted on 04/29/2012




well, in my opinion, there's no suggested age as long as you feel and think she's ready and capable of it.

Jennifer - posted on 03/16/2012




I don't think you're asking anything unrealistic. Those are all things she is capable of helping you with. My own daughter puts her dishes in the sink, puts her shoes by the door, her dirty clothes go into the hamper when she takes them off and I have her pick up her own toys most of the time. Though the toys I'll help with if she asks nicely. That's not stopping her from being a kid, it's the beginning of them learning to be responsible for what is "theirs". Mine would help with the laundry if I let her but I usually do it after she's asleep lol. Sometimes her "help" makes more work for me!

Jessica - posted on 03/05/2012




My daughter asks to help, most of the time. I give her the utensils to unload/put away from the dishwasher, have her help me "fold" and then put away her own clothes, carry things to the table at dinner time etc. I think it's great to encourage them to help, especially when they are this young and asking to...hopefully they'll just continue to do it as they get older! :) She has just starting being able to put on boots/shoes and coat all on her own, so I now expect her to do that too. As long as they are happy helping and you don't have unrealistic expectations I think it is wonderful.

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