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Ok so my daughter does really well with a sippy during the day and only milk. But when it is bedtime there are nights she will use the sippy but it HAS to be formula. And then some (MOST) nights she has to have a bottle and formula. She freaks out until I put formula in a bottle for her. WHAT DO I DO?????


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Sunrise - posted on 10/12/2009




IMO If she's going to be done with bottles then that means all of them. I recall the night time bottle being the hardest for my older daughter to let go of. So I threw them all away so I wasn't tempted to give in and give them to her. It only took 2 nights where she wasn't very happy, but her tantruns were short lived (30 minutes max) and on night #3 she was ready for a sippy. I would tackle one battle at a time...either go without the bottle and give her formula in a cup or go without formula and give her water in a bottle. She shouldn't be falling asleep with anything but water all other fluids can cause tooth decay.

Jessica - posted on 10/11/2009




Nothing wrong w/ formula at this age, it's best to breastfeed til 2 yrs of age...formula is better than cow's milk nutritionally, so keep up w/ the formula. If it's only at night that she's using the bottle, I wouldn't worry too much, personally. Unless the dr wants her off bottles. You can try & not give her a bottle, just the sippy...I guess it's a matter of do you want to have her get all worked up like that & do you want to hear her yelling about it??

Sorry if that wasn't much help. Good Luck to you!

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