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finger snacks

Alyssa - posted on 05/25/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son is 8 1/2 months old and doesnt pick up snack foods with his fingers yet. He loves the little puffs from gerber but wont pick them up himself. I usually put one or two out infront of him and try to let him do it first but all he does is look at them then look at me. Its frustrating because he loves the snacks but wont eat them unless someone else puts them in his mouth. I have a few friend with babies that have been doing it for a few months now. How do i get him to start feeding himself little finger foods? Pease help.


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Pam - posted on 05/31/2009




stop feeding it to him. Let him get frustrated with seeing, wanting it, and then eventually he'll pick it up. Sounds mean but babies need trial and error but he won't try if he knows you'll do it for him

Pililani - posted on 05/28/2009




My son is a pro at picking up finger foods but he is very driven to do things on his own. He will try and try like heck till he can do it. Now is the time that babies start to try the finger grasp, just give him time. He'll get it.

Melissa - posted on 05/26/2009




Hi Alyssa,
My son was doing the same thing until about a week ago, just be patient he'll get it! I would try placing them in his hand and then helping him get it into his mouth. Then just like Chelsea said make a huge deal when he does it with your help or by himself.
Good luck:)

Chelseaszidik - posted on 05/25/2009




I would try the hand over hand approach. Help him to pick it up with your hand and make a huge deal when it makes its way into his mouth. Clap, cheer and give him big smiles. He should catch on soon enough with enough positive reinforcement.

Jodie - posted on 05/25/2009




my son cant pick them up with his fingers but he tries like heck i sometimes put them in his mouth but most of the time i give him a few and he gets down there with his mouth n picks them up lol but i dunno how to get him to pick em up with his fingers im forever vacuuming them up but hey its funny to watch him id say just sit them in front of him and let him do it hell eventually pick them up if he wants them that badly

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