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My daughter will be 3 in september, and she will not use the bathroom. everyday she tells me that she has pottied in the diaper wether its #1 or #2. but as soon as i say lets use the potty she freaks. she has her own potty, a potty seat for the toilet, and even has a step stool to get on the toilet. she screams on cries if i put her on the potty, either one. i have tried forcing her to sit there til she goes, she just holds it no matter how long she waits, i have tried the rewards after every time she uses the potty, she just wants the rewards, i have tried the potty chart, she just wants the stickers to play with, i was thinking of just putting her potty in the living room so she doesnt miss anything but idk if that will make me a bad parent. i am wondering if anyone has any other ideas for her???? i think its horrible that shes about to be 3 and not going to the bathroom. help please.....


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The best thing I did was have my daughter come into the bathroom with me when I had to go and because she wants to be just like Mommy....i first put her potty next to the regular potty then I would have her go after I was done.

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I tried potty training, since he was a year and a half. he refuses. He will hold it until I put a diaper on. he freaks too if I try to make him go. I have put the potty in the living room, used a timer, and sat with him while he watched tv and nothing worked. Everytime some would ask if he was trained, I would have to say no and felt like a horrible parent, but he just won't do it. I lucked out because he started preschool recently and his teacher will help me train him.

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Put the potty in the living room. Leave it there. Don't make a big issue out of it. Before going outside or leaving the house or going to bed try and get her to just sit on it.
Then slowly build from there.
You are not a bad parent. Potty training will happen when she's ready. Wait till her 3rd birthday. That couple of months may make all the difference.
My son is 3 in September too. He is only #1 trained. He refuses to do #2's in the potty or toilet. So daily we end up cleaning up a mess because he is in underwear. I console myself with the fact that at least he's not holding it in and getting constipated because that is much harder to deal with.
As others have told me, remember we all made it to starting school wearing underwear, are kids will do it too.

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We put our potty in the living room so Emma could watch tv, cuz sometimes she has to poop, but she also has to wait cuz it's not ready. I don't think there's anything wrong with having the potty in the family area, as long as you empty it out. We also ended up just putting her in underpants and letting her have accidents (it took 2 days of accidents every time) so she knew when it was happening. I'm sure your little one will be ready soon, but it's very frustrating when you're doing the "training". Now Emma uses the toilet or potty every time (except overnight) and only has accidents if she needs help and we don't get to her fast enough. But that being said, she's only really been trained "fully" for about 2 or 3 weeks.

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Its really not horrible. My daughter will be 3 in Jan and she wont use her potty or the toilet either, shes afraid of it so Im not pushing it on her, ill ask her if she wants to use it and if she says yes i'll take her, if she says no ill leave it alone. Some times she will tell me herself she wants to use it. Im waiting for her to be 100% ready and right now shes not.

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