Help! My 18mth is a picky eater!

Shannon - posted on 03/25/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




He is great at breakfast and likes to snack if I leave grazing plates around the house but when it comes time for lunch or dinner he outright refuses, especially if I spoon feed him (and he won't feed it himself). I'm back to purreeing his foods hoping its the chewing that is tiring him out but sometimes its a hit or miss. I have yet to find a favorite food he likes that doesnt involve a cookie or yogourt. There are days when I try to not give him a snack hoping he'll eat his main meal but that's always a no-go and I've tried giving him 2 small snacks a day plus his mains but that's about the same. Im at a loss! He only weighs 20.5lbs and super skinny. Any moms with some great advice for me? Thanks so much!


Amy - posted on 03/26/2010




Keeping his weight in mind, this is what I did to my son but he is 27 lbs. I took away the grazing plates (yep we have them too!). They have and never will return. At breakfast, lunch and dinner, my 18 month old son gets served an empty plate. I give everyone food, then everyone makes a big deal at how delicious the food is and then let him watch. After a few minutes he gets curios, so I let have a bite from MY plate. Then he wants another bite. Eventually he wants to have some on his plate. So I hand over hand assist him to dish food onto his plate. Girl, long story short: its control. Your son is growing up and wants to be in control, as if he is saying "my body, my choice" Let him be in control to an excent, and remember what are you accomplishing by fighting with him. He is small for his age. Get Carnation Breakfasts for him, you mix it in w/milk and it gives him nutrients. No more grazing, he eats when you eat. Give it a week, if it doesnt work try something different.

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