Help potty training a 3 yr old again

Darci - posted on 06/18/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a 3 and a half year old actually he is almost 4 and was doing great with the potty training and now nothing. he is back in pull ups all the time and nothing is helping. He is the most stubborn of my boys and strong willed. I asked him to go to the potty the other day and he said ok then i walked into the bathroom and he was standing there all wet. I asked him why he was standing there in front of the potty all wet and didnt just go in the potty and he said "Because I didnt want to". Any suggestions?


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Julie - posted on 07/17/2012




I had a strong willed boy potty trainer and this is what I learned: He will be trained when he is good and ready. They usually need a motivation factor. Mine was preschool.

Have him pant-less most the day, that way running back and forth to toilet can be done independently, when HE WANTS, and it can be some what of a game to him. If he is like my boy, he wants to do it all himself! This a actually a GOOD thing, but frustrating as heck for the Mom

Let him "play with his parts" obviously not in the open, but this is how boys figure out how it to operate the thing! Really. My son had his hands on it off and on just one day, and by then next...success.

Last, lose the pull ups except for night, and then don't do that much longer. They really make the kids way to comfortable. No need to get up and go, or to change behavior that way.

The final card I pulled with my stubborn little Virgo was the Pediatrician! At his preschool physical I said, could you have a "come to Jesus talk with Jaden, he keeps arguing with me that he does not need to be potty trained for preschool." The Doctor told him Mommy is right.

That kid came home and went number ONE and TWO in the toilet that day. He only had a few accidents since. So Good luck Mama he will do fine, but they always keep ya guessing ;)"

Ellie - posted on 07/16/2012




it took my daughter over a year to get fully dry, its a nightmare, but i would suggest its attention seeking. maybe keep him in pull ups at night for now but in the day say, thats it, no more nappies, either you do it on the potty/ toilet or a toy gets taken away. my daughter was ok with pee then suddenly after an illness started to poo again and in the end it was a combination of getting cross, punishment and going overboard with praise when she finally did it on the loo, (here began the happy dance...) to finally crack it.

Jacqueline - posted on 06/19/2012




How bout just making him sit in his dirty pee pants... No more pull ups, let him pick his favorite under wear then tell him (the character) WONT be happy if you pee on him/her/it. Yeah its MUCH more laundry for you but its not giving in.

OR maybe he is doing it for attn. Take him on a one on one date with you and/or daddy once a week to make him feel special and that you are there and he is there too.

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