How do you soothe your baby to sleep?

Donnita - posted on 12/27/2008 ( 7 moms have responded )




My son is sweet but getting him to sleep has been a problem. I try to soothe him to sleep by nursing or a pacifier. I was wondering what other people do to soothe their babies to sleep.


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Lindsey - posted on 01/02/2009




I noticed how well my son was able to sleep in both a swing and bouncer which vibrate. I located the nearest babies r us and found a "vibrating 3 in 1 crib soother" for $30. I also have a heartbeat bear. I turn both of these on when I place my son down whether drowsy or asleep and it seem to be the trick.

Bridget - posted on 01/01/2009




We started a bedtime routine that my mom suggested at about 2 months. Our girl would take 2-3 hours to go to sleep - us coming in, trying rocking, feeding, etc, nothing would soothe her even when she was obviously tired. She has never taken to the paci so we didnt even have that option. Even swaddled, she would fuss and thrash around, keeping herself awake. It was like she had too much energy to burn.

Now, we keep her awake after her next to last feeding - talking to her, singing, playing with toys, until she is cranky enough that we can't distract her. She usually eats at 7pm and starts getting grouchy at 9, 930. That's when we start the bedtime routine - a nice warm bath, a rubdown with some nice lotion, putting on her pjs and a sleep sack, and her final feeding of the day. We also lower the lights as we go, so by the time we get to feeding, the room is dark except for a nightlight. She eats her fill, I burp and rock her to get out any uncomfortable bubbles, and then lay her gently in her crib.

She is usually still awake at this point, but very drowsy and relaxed. When I put her down, I leave my hands on her for a couple minutes to make her feel like she's still being held. Then once she's settled a little to her new position, I let go and leave the room. She sometimes fusses a little, but she mostly goes right out. The rare times she really gets crying, one of us goes in and rocks her for a couple minutes with the lights still out, and lays her back down the same way. It almost always works on the first try.

She started sleeping thru the night (10pm - 6 or 7 am) about a week after we started this, and has even gone to bed with a babysitter using the same routine - I was SO happy about that! At first she hated the bath and would scream in it, but it still wore her out for bedtime. After a week or so, she got used to the bath, and now she coos and smiles all through it. She only cries now if we take her out too soon!

Good luck to you, hope some of that helps!

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I use BabyWise. It is my bible for her. It took a few days, but I used the techniques in the book. She now soothes herself to sleep. It is wonderful. Also, if she wakes up at night (that is if she is still swaddled) she can put herself back to sleep. Its great because she doesn't need me to soothe her.

Our bedtime routine is bath, bottle, bed. When it is time for bed I swaddle her, lay her in her crib, and put her passy in. She may cry, but it usually isn't that long (5-10 minutes). I also don't play the passy game. Once it is out, normally I don't put it back in. I still love to rock her at night sometimes (especially when it has been a challenging day), but I don't rock her to sleep. She still goes to bed awake, even at naptimes.

Safa - posted on 12/28/2008




hi donnita
my baby still likes to be swaddled before going down for the night. i usually rock her side to side in my arms or back and forth in th glider-chair. my husband, on the other hand, sits on our big exercise ball and bounces her up and down. 'works for him every time! (when i'm desperate i dance around with her in my arms). i found that dr. harvey karp's book "the happiest baby on the block" really helped me with calming and soothing her. hope that helps!

Shari - posted on 12/28/2008




I look for cues that my son is really sleepy... after observing him I've noticed that he stretches his head into a certain sideways position and does large circles with his right arm... once I see these indicators I turn out lights except for his night light, push play on his lullaby CD, and do a combined walk/gentle bounce/rock back and forth for a few minutes. He usually is almost asleep after 3-4 minutes and I put him in his crib and stroke his forehead above his eyebrows and trail my finger lightly down his nose (this encourages him to shut his eyes, it's a reflex in some babies). My hubby calls it "switching him off" because it usually puts him right to sleep! If you set up a routine that includes lighting and sounds, your baby will understand quickly that it's time to sleep. Hope this helps!

Lisa - posted on 12/27/2008




I also either nurse him to sleep or use a pacifier. We also play ocean sounds to him. Another thing is that we noticed he started scratching his head when he gets sleepy. Now we try to hold his hands down (so he cannot scratch) while one of us also strokes his hair which sometimes helps him sleep. When we are really desperate we put him in his swing until he falls asleep. But he has become much better - we have not used the swing technique in 2 weeks.

Jessica - posted on 12/27/2008




for right now i'm still nursing my baby to sleep. or sometimes if she's not hungry i just rock her, which takes longer but usually works. she's been a good sleeper from about 2 weeks on, so maybe i just lucked out in that department...

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