How many bottles a day does ur toddler have?

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My daughter, Roxanne, will be 18 months tomorrow! About 3 weeks ago she was sick with a cold/flu and refused her bedtime bottle.......consequently she hasn't had one since! Normal? Not normal? Where are you at with bottles?

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Kelli - posted on 03/11/2010




Sunshine still takes the bottle (I know, I'm horrible). She drinks her juice from a sippy cup, but seems to refuse milk in anything but a bottle. My son, Liam, didn't stop taking bottles til he was 2, so even though our ped wants her off of them, I'm really in no hurry.

Elizabeth - posted on 03/11/2010




My son gave up his bottle for his new years resolution, I say the hubby made me do it! lol he did too! So he gave it up at 16 months.

Brandi Nicole - posted on 03/11/2010




we always do milk before bed but we use a cup. I have an almost 3yr old and an 18 month old and it's part of the kids nightly thing one cup of milk, brush teeth and then off to bed.

Michelle - posted on 03/11/2010




i got rid of bottles at 9 months and now my son can drink out of a cup if supervised and he *has done great.

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My child was nursed, so only had a bottle when I was away. We cut out the bedtime feeding by the time he had teeth. He gets juice or milk during the day out of a sippy cup. He's starting to drink out of a regular cup as well. He doesn't get a snack before bed. Once his teeth are brushed, the only thing he gets is water.

C - posted on 03/11/2010




I've always nixed bottles by a year. As for what they drink- they get a tippy cup (not no spill, just regular) at breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, evening snack. Usually milk, juice at dinner only. If they are thirsty otherwise, like after a hot walk outside, they get water.

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Well, I really lucked out because when my daughter was sick she had no interest in it; she's always been a pretty easy-going baby........

The only thing I can recommend is to just not give it to her and try and replace the bottle with something else.....I give my daughter a snack before bed now with her sippy cup of water! That being said, I don't think there's anything wrong with ur daughter having a bottle before long as she's not taking it to bed with her! Good luck!

Annette - posted on 03/10/2010




My girl is almost 18 months, she is only allowed to get her bottle in the evening. What is the best way to get the bottle away from her, and to get to not look for it again during the night. She sometimes drink 3 bottles of tea

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Ya, my daughter has used a sippy cup since 8 months during the day and the only bottle she was having was her bedtime bottle which is history now I guess!

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We haven't had bottles since about 13 months which makes going out MUCH easier - he's proficient with a sippy cup and can drink from a straw if we hold the cup. I wasn't so sure he could handle it but he really figured most of it out all on his own.

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Bottles? We nixed the bottles MONTHS ago. He drinks 2 4oz SIPPY CUPS before bed. And maybe a cup of milk during the day. Anything else is water or juice

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Thanks Nicole! My daughter also has a full mouth of teeth.......16 the last time I counted! LOL! I also give my daughter a snack before bed! Once she was feeling better she asked for her bottle again but I figured, ' what's the point? ' After 4 evenings without it I felt if I gave it back to her it might have confused her......I just told her " No, mommy will give you a snack instead! " and she's been fine with it ever since......thank goodness....LOL! She made it easy for me! I guess I should be grateful?!

Good luck with ur son! =)

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If she wanted it she would drink it. Likely she is getting enough of what she needs through out the day and no longer feels hungry before bed time. She knows her needs best :)

We are slowly weaning our son off his bed time bottle at the request of our family doctor. He was encouraging us toward a bed time snack over bottle because of the sugars in milk are harder on tooth enamel (our 17 month old has pretty much all his teeth except for his two year old molars). We do brush his teeth before bed whether he eats a snack (bowl of cheerios or some form of cracker and sometimes fruit) or has a bottle.

During the day our son drinks everything out of a sippy cup whether its juice, water or milk.


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