How much food does your 22 month old eat?

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I'm just wondering how much your child eats throughout the day and what kind of foods you give them. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.


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My little girl has quite a healthy appetite (which she gets from her Daddy ;) ) But I only give her 3 meals, breakfast, lunch & dinner - If she has a late night she is allowed a snack, usually fruit or carrot sticks (etc) & she is allowed one 'packet' of sweets a week (ie a mini milky bar or mini packet of buttons).
Breakfast is always 2 slices of toast with butter (sometimes with jam) & a banana or slices of apple. She won't east anything else (cereal, porridge etc)!

Lunch is a ham/tuna/jam sandwhich with tomatoes & cucumber or beans on toast/jacket potato & soft cheese & salad & a yoghurt for afters. Dinner is whatever we are eating if appropriate (ie if I am making pasta & I use a ready made sauce, I always use a Heinz baby sauce for her as it has no salt etc). She doesn't usually need anything for afters but if we are having a desert she is allowed a small portion.

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My 22 month old son has a breakfast that usually consists of a bowl of cereal (cheerios or kashi) or a slice of toasted rye bread with peanut butter, whole milk to drink, raspberries & blueberries. Lunch is homemade broth with pasta or veggie pizza or chicken breast with cut-up cucumbers/tomatoes. Dinner is whatever we are having or whatever my mother makes for us. He has a lot of snacks throughout the day which vary from yogurt, other fruits (pears, strawberries, kiwi)..etc, crackers & cream cheese, rice chips, puffed cereal, vanilla pedisure, Farley cookies, homemade smoothies with a teaspoon of flaxseed (he loves smoothies, you can use a lot of food combinations) He always has 2-3 glasses of whole milk daily; sometimes he has 1/2 glass of orange juice & some days he eats more than others.

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hi gabrijela!!!
i always give my son porridge in the morning...i use oatmeat and corn flour + milk and sugar!!!
for lunch some vegetables+fish/chicken boiled together or something like sweet potatoes or cassava they become smart when you give them these natural foods dear...especially cooked by mammaaaa!!!!
for dinner i cook for him corn flour+butter+sugar...or sometyms bread+milk...

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Right now I find it varies. It could be the heat, it could be he's just not as hungry.
Regular day has breakfast with a piece of toast, some fruit and if he is still hungry some yogurt and a cup of milk.
Lunch is generally a peanut butter and jam sandwich, fruit and veggies and a cup of milk.
Supper is generally some form of cooked meat, cooked vegetables and/or salad, rice or potatoes and a cup of milk.
There is a morning snack and an afternoon snack of generally fruit in the morning and cheese and crackers or veggies and dip etc with watered down juice.

Some days he eats everything and then some, other days he may eat half and be done. Snacks are not mandatory, just offered, and meals he has to come sit down for and wait until we are done eating before he can run off to cause trouble.

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Roxanne typically has three meals and two snacks.

Breakfast: (6-7am) Whole wheat toast with cream cheese and homemade jam OR multigrain Cheerios with whole milk and sometimes a banana chopped up or some blueberries (my parents farm them) OR a yogurt/cottage cheese mix with some kind of season fruit OR scrambled eggs and toast OR oatmeal with yogurt and fruit. THOSE are her favs and we alternate.
Snack: (9am.ish) fruit and a piece of cheese or crackers etc.
Lunch: (11:30ish) Grilled cheese and ham sandwhich on whole wheat OR Mac 'n Cheese on a lazy day OR toasted tuna/salmon/egg salad sandwhich......more often then not it's some kind of sandwich for lunch.
Snack: (3ish) small bowl of yogurt OR fruit OR cheese 'n crackers etc. On rare occasion she'll just have a cup of watered down juice instead of an actual snack.
Dinner: (6ish) Whatever I'm making and she typically eats fairly well. We had beef stew last night. Baked salmon with whole grain rice the night before. Some of her favorite veggies are broccoli, CAULIFLOWER is her fav right now, carrots, sweet potatoes etc. Usually just steamed with some kind of meat. I'm making a chicken and macaroni casserole tomorrow night....haven't tried the recipe before but I'm confident she'll love it. My mom is Italian and she also LOVES her Nona's spaghetti or lasagna.

Besides those examples I just want to add that she typically drinks just water with her meals and has one 8oz. cup of milk with dinner unless she has milk with breakfast!

Hope this helps!?


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cold cereal(1/2c) or oatmeal(1/2c) with a small piece of fruit for breakfast
lunch meat broken up(2 slices) with 4oz yogurt or hotdogs(one whole cut up) and mac-n-cheese(1/2c) or fish sticks(2) with french fries(several broken up) for lunch
and he eats whatever I fix for dinner from meatloaf to spaghetti to goulash to chicken soup

if all else fails and he's not in the mood for what i've fixed i can open a can of no salt peas or green beans and he'll eat half the can!

are you looking for meal ideas? or just trying to figure out if your child is over/under eating?
my lo also has 3 snacks during the day, whatever makes 100 calories of something like string cheese, goldfish, animal crackers, granola bar, puffs

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Can you believe Roxanne doesn't like peanut butter? There's only two things I've come across that she refused to eat....peanut butter and black olives!

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