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Meats & Poultry????

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My 17 month old is getting no meats or poultry in his diet. He will not eat it, is anyone else coming across this & if so what are you doing to get them to eat it?????


Daphne - posted on 02/14/2010




My 17 mo old will eat anything, but my older 2 children were as picky as they came! What worked for me with them was to find foods they did love and hide things they wouldn't try into it. I would mix small diced carots into mac n cheese, corn into corn bread mushrooms and onions into meat and sauce dishes. They would eat meat but not veggies. I would even slip some into grilled cheese sandwiches. My suggestion is the same. If he likes alfredo sauce wtih pasta but won't knowingly eat chicken try adding shredded chicken into the sauce or mixing it into mashed potatoes, etc. Perhaps try adding cheese to it if he likes cheese. My son was so picky he had to have everything plain so this worked for my daughter more so than him, though. Once he's a bit older try letting him make things as he may be more inclined to try it then. For this age, try letting him feed you a piece and then see if he'll let you feed him a piece in return. Also, try putting the focus on making him be a big boy and letting him use a new utensil by himself and maybe that will help, too.

What works on one kid may not work for another but hopefully these ideas will help you find what will work for you.


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Cindi - posted on 03/01/2010




My son is the same way. He would rather eat his veggys and pastas. Wouldnt touch meat. Now i give him his meat first and get him to eat what he will before i give him the other things. If i offer him the meat with his veggys he will not eat the meat at all. Just in the last couple weeks he will eat hot dogs though and wants them everyday.

Meryl - posted on 02/26/2010




Yep, My 17 mo old won't eat meat at all. She loves fish, beans, eggs, cheese and even Tofu (although I read recently that you should limit soy to small children). I worry a little about her cholesterol as most of her protein sources are high in it, but she is very healthy in general so I don't stress. I've been afraid to try peanut butter due to the risk of allergy so we don't use that.

On VERY rare occasions I can get her to take a tiny piece of meat if I'm eating it or if it's something like cottage pie where the meat is ground and mixed in well with lots of other things.

Actually, my daughter is starting to inspire me to consider partial vegetarianism since I want to eat meals together! LOL! Don't worry too much as long as your child is getting adequate protein it doesn't matter what the source!

[deleted account]

Don't worry, there are lots of healthy babies who don't eat any meat at all. Check out some veg recipes that have good sources of protein, try to get him to embrace beans and legumes, and if he's okay with dairy, cheese, yogurt, and some nice butter for extra fat! How about eggs? My little guy doesn't like meat (or eggs, for that matter) but he will tolerate some chicken nuggets if they're moist enough, and occasionally fish if not too fishy. (He smells everything like a foodie.) And he only has 7 lousy teeth so chewing meat is an issue!

Cera - posted on 02/15/2010




My son is a pretty picky meat eatter as well. Lucily he loves fish, so I can at leats get him to eat that. He'll eat some sandwich meat alone. He wouldnt eat hamburgers but he will eat the seasoned patties alone. Mind you, it depends on the day and his mood i guess whether he'll eat those meats too.
I find it really depends on how the meat is cooked. He seems to much rather when there is more falvour. Or I add ketchup -- not sure if i was helpful lol

Sunrise - posted on 02/15/2010




My LO isn't a big meat eater but neither was my older daughter. We usualy look to other protien rich foods to get her protein but do require that she continually try meats because their tastes change so quickly at this age. We also do alot of what Daphne mentioned and will pureed, shread or dice in microscopic pieces of things into other meals that will mask the meat.

Heather - posted on 02/14/2010




My daughter will not eat meat either. She just won't even try it. Sometimes I will sneak delit turkey slices finely shredded into her mac n cheese but generally we stick with other protein sources. Scrambled eggs with cheese, cheese, yogurts, peanut butter, beans sometimes, I also put edamame in her mac n cheese. It would be nice if she would just eat a piece of chicken though!

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