My baby won't wear shoes (volentarily)

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My 14 month old daughter HATES shoes with a vigorous passion. She will scream bloody murder when I try to put them on her and while wearing them will only crawl even though she is a great walker otherwise. While in the carseat they usually get pulled off. I have to put shoes on her and do so when we go out anyway but other than strange things being on her feet all the sudden it shouldn't make her THAT mad. What should I do? Is she maybe afraid of the shoes? Does she mjust feel uncomfertable in them? We have show outside now and she NEEDS to have shoes to keep warm and dry. Anyone else have this problem? I understand why she does this with hats they can be uncomfertable and she wants to see what is on her head but she can see the shoes. . ..


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Try soft soles! Moccasinis are beautiful, handmade baby/toddler shoes specifically designed for 12-18 month new walkers. They have a leather soft sole. Check them out on Facebook and also on Etsy! They can be special ordered in any color/style you like. I love the hand-beaded ones with cloth flowers! My daughter LOVES hers and wears them nearly every single day. They feel like socks.


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 Quoting Mary:

we had that problem for a little bit. The only shoes my son dislikes now is his dress shoes unless we make a fuse about how cute they look on with his suit. The things we do. Whatever works right? LOL

What we tryed was letting him help us pick out his shoes. Choices are an awesome answer to many parenting frustrations!!


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My daughter does the same thing....the second i put them on she is rubbing her feet toghether to pull them off...

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we had that problem for a little bit. The only shoes my son dislikes now is his dress shoes unless we make a fuse about how cute they look on with his suit. The things we do. What we tryed was letting him help us pick out his shoes. Ok I know sounds strange to try and read what they want but you know when your child likes something. For his sneakers he wanted the brown ones that was the color of the day I But he liked them. If he curls his toes when putting them we will tickle the back of his knee and tell him we can't go bye bye until his shoes are on or for a ride. I think this might also help too because one time one of the ride operators would not let him ride a ride when we took him out one day because he did not have his shoes on. Once I slipped on his soft shoes we got to ride and I think he remembers it. Letting him decided what he wants seemed to help when picking out a sippy cup and his dishware. I read it it someplace a while back and thought maybe it would help.
Also for boots I found a pair of Handy Manny work boots at the Disney store that he fits and loves he has big feet (size 7 @ 14 months old). He just loves that cartoon personality and gets excided to wear them Maybe if you can find some sneakers or shoes with a cartoon personality she really likes one them that could help too.
Good luck

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She only really needs them on if she's walking outside. Mine frequently goes in her buggy on the school run with just socks on her feet (and a warm fleecy blanket over her lower half). My little one doesn't really object to shoes, but I have bought her a little pair of black shoes that light up when she stamps so she spends loads of time leaping around looking at her feet! Something fun like that might help. We don't bother with shoes inside our house anyway.

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Are they a hard sole shoe? Many kids find those to be very uncomfortable. IF they are hard soled maybe try buying a leather shoe that would more earsily conform to her foot. It would still protect her from wetness & keep her warm but it would alow her foot to move more freely and naturally. As opposed to a hard sole that may force the foot to be in a certain shape or position and makes it difficult for the child to bend their foot naturally. Just a thought, a friend of mine had this problem recently and she switched to a soft sole and it solved it. It may not work for your LO but it may be worth a try.

Some of the soft shoe brands we favor are Pedipeds, Robeez, Shooshoos, Peekaboots (European), Stride Rite (their stores carry their brand as well as Robeez & a variety of others... an outlet is an awesome place for a bargain!).

Good luck w/ your LO

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