My son still doesnt sleep through the night

Sara - posted on 04/26/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son used to have night terrors. We have tried everything! Took him to pick out his own big boy bed, bedding, night lights, bedroom decor to make him like his bedroom. I've slept on the floor in his room. We have even tried melatonin. Nothing seems to work. He will not sleep through the night and ends up in our bed everynight. I have gave in and let him because I get no sleep at all trying to get him to sleep like a normal 3 year old. My 2 year old daughter has never had an issue staying in bed and asleep, even when she is sick. What am I doing wrong with him? Any tips on how to keep him in his room all night?

Please help!!
Sleep deprived mama


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Ellie - posted on 07/16/2012




does he start off in his own bed? what time does he get in with you? my girl doesnt always sleep through but then, neither do i, so i dont tend to set any store by it, so what. but then my girl only tends to want a quick drink if she does wake and very rarely leaves her room. sounds like he know how to get what he wants.

Amy - posted on 05/23/2012




would reading books help..keep some books near by so when he wakes up he can look at books quietly till he goes back to sleep? Have you read any sleep training books? Favorite blanket or toy or lovie as we call them might help. I wouldn't start with tv as that would be a habit maybe read before bed more, use lavander in the bath before bed... message me if you want other ideas. Wow am I lucky mine is sleeping through the night besides potty breaks.. Did he ever sleep through the night?

Katrina - posted on 05/01/2012




Hi I don't if i would be of much help, I'm am just wondering if your son has something he clings to like a stuff animal or blanket or toy? I know with experience of my boys just scream their lungs out when they started sleeping in their own room for the first few week because either it was dark and they seem to not know where they were. So we had a few stuff animals that were given to them when they were babies, well anyways I always told them that they have there doggie with them, and then later that yr they had got there favorite characters. Also we try to let them grab a few Small toys like cars to play until they drifted off. Also we let them fall asleep to a cartoon or movie. We also played some music they like from disney or put our phone to pandora on a adele station or something calm and relaxing, if helps our 1 yr. old daughter to sleep.They work for us as they were growing up from 18mos to now. Hope all goes well. Gook luck!

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