Need ideas for different (healthy) snacks and meals that are toddler (16 month-old)-friendly?


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Sunrise - posted on 02/09/2010




I second that website... their sister webiste is great for little ones if you have another! We have found so many great recipes and inspiriation on there!

Julie - posted on 02/04/2010




For snacks, my son likes: cheerios, fruit of any kind cut up (or even fruit cups-I drain the juice and pour the fruit on a plate for him to eat), string cheese/sliced cheese, crustables (PB&J sandwiches), crackers, quesadillas, little pizza's made out of english muffin with pizza sauce and cheese...My son is going through a growth spurt right now. It's all I can do to keep things on hand for him to eat. I even make up a little hamburger and cut it up with ketchup for snacks a night and he'll still eat dinner!

Kathy - posted on 02/04/2010




My son loves bananas, whole grain crackers with cheese, snap peas, broccoli with cheese, sweet potatoes, kiwi and to drink his doctor recommend the v8 fruit juices its all natural real juice no sugar.

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Thanks for the website Robyn!

My 16 month old daughter LOVES fruit with a piece of cheese! Sometimes crackers and cheese .......sometimes a drinkable yogurt! She also USED to love tofu cubed and covered in cheerio dust! Sounds strange but a really healthy snack, good source of calcium, protein, iron etc!

As for meals, she eats EVERYTHING we eat! I just try and make sure that she has a good balance of PROTEINS, HEALTHY FATS, CARBS and WHOLE GRAINS at each meal! Sometimes it's hard but I'd definitely recommend checkin out that website that Robyn recommended; I know I'm about to! Good luck!

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As for snacks, I give mine unsalted rice cakes - sometimes with a bit of vegetarian pate or cream cheese spread on them. Also really popular is toast and carrot sticks. Garlic sausage and salami are a hit too for some reason!

Robyn - posted on 02/04/2010




Hi Jessica, Snack time in our house is usually fruit as it is summer here. But meals - she eats anything that we do.

Roasts with veggies

Tuna Curry

Shepherds Pie

Rissoles, mashed spuds and peas

She has been feeding herself with a fork from about 10 months so is fine with anything we give her as long as it is cut up for her.

This website might also be useful for you:

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