Not eating and Milk Bottles

Amiee - posted on 09/09/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son just turned 2 on the 4th september and he does not eat very much sometimes he can go days without eating a thing...I am not that concerned about it yet, as he is growing and still has lots of energy, it just makes me feel terrible when he refuses to eat anything.....he does drink water and juice and is still having a few milk bottles (if he could have his way, he would have a milk bottle hanging out of his mouth 24/7)....I have no idea how to start weaning him off them as he seems to get so much comfort out of them, sometimes I think he uses it like a dummy cause he never had one! I am also concerned that he is having the milk bottle to compensate for not eating....can somebody please give me some advice!!!!


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Switch to milk only at breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed snack. You might find he starts eating a bit more. This also made it much easier to cut bottles out with our son. We also had specific sippy cups for milk only. We've since switched up to a regular cup with a built in straw which has its draw backs of when our son is over tired or just being typically two ends up with some spilling.
But as I said in another post on this board, my family doctor said as long as the child is eating at least a tablespoon of food a day and drinking lots of fluids there is nothing to worry about.
They will in fact eat when they are hungry.


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The milk bottles is what you need to stop. He should be drinking milk from a cup, this can affect his teeth. I took the bottle away at 11 months, she got over it quickly. Don't worry about the eating, my daughter just turned 2 on 9/5 and she eats sometimes, sometimes she does not. But she drinks milk and water, she only drinks just once or twice a week and when she does it is no more than 4 ozs. But she does eat lots of fruits and takes poli vi sol I will be changing to chewables when I think she is ready. But she is growing nicely. But they do this from time to time. Be encouraged.

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my son is 2 next sunday and at times he will refuse to eat things he can go a day with only eating little so i give him food that i knows he likes he loves farleys rusks have u tried giveing him a dry farley as a snak or u can mash it up with worm milk cos farleys all so has 7 vitamins in it like calcium vitamin d and so on try and see if u can give him a bottle of milk just befor he goes to bed and give him more juice in the day time i took my son to the drs cos he was not eating a lot he said as long as he is eating little and often and haveing plenty of flueds he will be fine cos there bellys are still small so try him with differant tings once u find what he likes he will in time try differnt things. hope this helps you ..

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