Nuby sippy cups with milk before bed

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Hi my son is 21 months old. He's on the cow and gate growing up milk for toddlers, i have tried to get him onto cows milk but he won't drink it. But my main problem is he has milk in a Nuby sippy cup before he goes to bed (i do clean his teeth after), not because he needs the milk to settle down but because during the day he won't drink any milk and it worries me that he's not getting enough calcium. Also i have tried to get him on to a beaker instead of the nuby sippy cup but he totaly rejects it and won't touch it. Does anyone have any ideas on what i can do to get him to drink milk during the day from a beaker? also is it bad that he's still having milk before bed? And did anyone have a problem with getting their little one to change from formula milk to cows milk?


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I am guessing that a "beaker" is a regular cup? My son is the same way, he wont take milk from anything but his bottle. We are down to 3 maybe 4 a day wake-up, nap time(s) and Bed time. the only that he always finishes is Morning. Have you tried mixing the formula with milk? That is how we got Duncan to switch. If you are worried about calcium try giving him cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese. You could also talk to your Doc about a chewable vitamin if you are that worried about it.


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My little one is actually lactose intolerant something I didn't figure out until I started mixing cows milk in with her formula @ 15 months and the horrible gas pains started :(

I ended up switching her to Soy Milk which has the same calcium levels and protein and vit. I do buy the vanilla flavour for her as the original stuff is just nasty! I took away her bottles at 16 months (got up one day and threw them ALLL out) and it did take her quite awhile to start drinking the milk again, she wasn't a big fan of the sippy cup, she was ok to drink ice water from it, but the milk took a month or two before she would drink more than a couple sips. We just kept offering two cups one with soy milk and one with water. My ped said she would eventually come around and she did! He did suggest giving her the Flinstones Vitamins a lil early just to make sure she was good.

Kids are pretty smart, he might not want the stuff for a reason.
Also the heat might be part of the problem, I've noticed the hotter it is the less my lil one has any interest in milk.

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We still do milk before bed with his snack. But that's because we found he likes it and will ask for it with snack if we don't give it to him.
He drinks it from a sort of sippy cup (flat top with a slot that encourages drinking from a cup like it's a regular one).
We don't worry too much about the amount of milk he drinks because he will also eat yogurt, cheese and broccoli as well.
Dana also gives lots of ideas so I won't needlessly repeat them :)

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My daughter has a sensitivity to cow's milk! She RARELY drinks milk since I took her off a toddler formula at 15 months.....I make sure she gets plenty of calcium, protein, good fats etc. from her diet!

Other sources of calcium include: yogurt, cheese, legumes (spinach, broccoli etc), oranges, salmon, beans, peas, calcium-fortified juices....

A great way to incorportate milk is to blend up a smoothie once a day! I use milk or yogurt as the base and add frozen blueberries or strawberries, some flaxseed oil and sometimes carrots or celery even!

You can also try adding chocolate, strawberry or banana flavoring....not the healthiest but it may help!??

Until your son is 5 the recommended calcium intake for them is b/w 500-800 mls/day OR between 16-20 oz IF they're drinking milk!

Lastly, if giving your child a cup of milk before bed to ensure he's getting the nutrients he needs then SO BE IT! You already mentioned that you brush his teeth after so as long as you're not letting him take it to bed with him then, IMO, you're doing JUST FINE!

Good luck!

Melissa - posted on 06/22/2010




Thankyou for you suggestion (:. That's what i was thinking about doing maybe mixing the formula and cows milk together, but i wasn't sure if it was ok to do, but if it was ok and worked for you then i think i'll try that. He loves his yogurts so i make sure he has one every day after dinner or lunch, but he's really fussy with food and won't eat cheese no matter wether it's normal cheese or the spread cheese. He's on vitamin drops atm, but i don't know if that helps with the calcium?

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