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So, I'm heading for the first time wiht my lo across teh country for Christmas to visit family. I'ma littel nervous with traveling via plane . . . with car seat, renting car, toys etc. Does anyone ahve any reccomendations?

I saw this cool thing that I can use and then do a gate check with the car seat or I can check the car seat at regular baggage claim, looking for suggestions . . .


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Pamela - posted on 11/18/2009




I also am planning a trip soon with a 16 month old baby, do you need to buy a seat for the baby or do they sit on your lap? Also what do you do with them when they want to be mobile? Its only a 2.5 plane trip but he doesnt like to sit still and only naps when he is in a room by himself so I cant plan on him napping. Thanks!

Mary - posted on 11/18/2009




We have traveled a few times with our little one.

Have you seen the gogo kids travel mate?

This product is great you can use the car seat like a stroller to the get and most (at least the ones we have used) will check you stroller at the gate once you board the plane and it is waiting for you when you step off. If you think it is worth the investment because you do not fly much there are some many other uses for it. We have used ours for going to the beach (for the sand toys and basket lunches) and helping carry stuff when going over friends too. ( for pack and play and portable high chair).

If you are going to rent one from a car rental check online for coupon codes (u can do a search with google or try you can usallly stack coupon codes on car rentals not only saving money on your rental by booking online most of them offer codes for free car seats when traveling with your little one. I know my friend had a problem with booking a car seat for the car and when they got there was not one so double check on this before you leave for your trip.

Not matter how short the flight is bring snacks and if your little one uses a binkies ( I think this was said before) bring it, bottles help too and sippy cups when they get fussy from the air pressure.

For a stroller you can check it too. Most airlines let you trade in one check baggage for two baby items. Call and check with airline. What we have done going to Disney is either check to see if there is a stroller swap (command in high travel places with kids) that you pick up a stroller from someone leaving then pass it on to another family before you leave. Or we will hit the local Wal-Mart or target and get one of the cheaper strollers (there like 20.00 or so) and use it for are trip and then donate it at the end of our trip. ( if you can afford to do it great not only will it make your traveling a little easier but u will be helping someone else out in need) You can also check to see if there is a local baby vintage store in the area too and get a stroller that way too. Since you are visiting family maybe they can check for one for you before you come too or see if anyone has an extra one too.

Get a larger purse for the plane or diaper bag that your purse can slip into too. Most airlines let you take on one carry on and on personal item too (this one must be able to fit under your seat. Slip your purse inside and anything you think you could need on the plane to keep baby happy. (toys, binkies diaper, snacks and change of clothing for mom and baby too. Trust me if you need them you will be thankful you have it. Long story but learn from my first plane ride )

Also great extra luggage things to have if checking items for car seat

for carriage

Have a great trip

Tabatha - posted on 11/17/2009




be sure your baby is drinking something during take off and landing, the sucking will help the ears! Also try the overnight diapers, the bathroom is REALLY small to be changing diapers, and make sure you have plenty of crunchy snacks for baby. and one last thing....a shot of motrin for the little one before you get on the plane will make YOUR trip much more plesant, have a good trip

Elizabeth - posted on 11/17/2009




I've traveled with my son across country several times since he was 3 months old. Recently we took a trip to North Carolina, which meant 2 stops and a non-stop 4 hr flight. Make sure to have something for your child to suck on on take off and landing (pacifier, sippy cup, bottle). Also pack a few quiet (for those flying w/ you) toys - pick out a few that baby hasn't seen for awhile to occupy time. Also snacks are a great thing to keep on hand, especially if baby is bored/grumpy.

If you aren't taking the car seat on the plane with you, you can check it with your luggage for free - airlines are NOT supposed to charge for car seats, strollers, pack n plays. You can also gate check it, and having something like the item you mentioned would be very helpful to get the heavy car seat through the airport. There is also a carry bag (I bought it at Babys R Us) that you can pack the carseat into and either pull it on the wheels or wear it like a back pack. It protects the car seat pretty well (for gate or baggage checking).

Another suggestion - try to plan naps around the flights so that your baby will sleep on the plane - and if you have any layovers, make sure to give the baby a chance to play and burn off energy.

From doing research on renting car seats, two points of issue - you don't know any history of the car seat (has it been in an accident?) and from what I understand there isn't a guarantee a car seat will be available, even if you've made a reservation for one (which doesn't exactly make sense).

Have a great trip!

Sunrise - posted on 11/17/2009




Most airlines will let you check up to 2 or 3 baby items free of charge. Make sure to ask for their free (or they should be) bags to put the items in. They are uber thick and nice ot have. I however would never check my car seat. Is he still able to use his bucket seat? I ask because it's easier to carry them in the airports. Also, when you get to the terminal you can check it as a "checkable carry on". If you have a short layover and are concerned about making your connection you can ask the flight attendant (usually at the front of the plan as people are getting on) if they have an in cabin closet that they can put it in for the flight. They have them for wheelchairs so it should fit a bucket seat. In my travels with our infant I've found the "checkable carry on" takes forever to get back off the plane when you land. I checked my seat once and it took 15+ minutes for them to get it back to me after our landing and in a pinch that can cost you your connection.

I let Kiera snack on the plane and nursed her on take off and landing although there were 2x that she didn't want to nurse and she was fine. Kiera isn't a paci baby so we didn't carry one with us.

I found the people around us to be wonderfully accomodating, but Kiera is well traveled so she is accustomed to the changes and doesn't put up much fuss.

Good luck on your adventure.

Cathy - posted on 11/17/2009




I went to Argentina, a 14 hour flight with one stop, with my DS when he was 6 mths old. I opted to have him in my lap, and I used a sling to carry him around and have him sleep in my arms (it was especially helpful to have him in the sling when I had to use the bathroom!!). I took an umbrella stroller and traveled with just the essentials. I was surprised at how much I didn't need! Babies are great because they only need what you bring. I also took our DS to Nova Scotia when he was 10 months and brought our car seat, but we checked it as luggage. It was great and we packed it very well. I was anxious about what it would be like traveling with a baby but it turned out to be a great experience! Do your research and make a list!! Think about your comfort level and you baby will be happy if you are happy. Relax and don't worry about things, everything works out in the end. You are all your baby needs =) Take advantage of any help you can get from the airlines and what ever is free. Don't be afraid to ask either, you'd be surprised how many flight attendants are more than happy to help you out. You can bring formula on board and can store it as well. Ask for a bassinette but be prepared for one to not be available (hence the sling). Go with the flow and it will work out for the best. You'll be surprised how easy it will be. Good luck!

Chelsea - posted on 11/17/2009




I've traveled quite a bit &have figured out that it is MUCH easier to rent the car seat with the car if you're able to (its about an additional $9/day) unless you have got your child his own ticketed seat, then of course you will need to bring your own on the plane. Our most recent trip, he was 13 months old and I just packed a check in bag of toys &diapers, wipes, etc. to help ease my having to carry him, his car seat and our luggage to the plane. Depending on the person at the ticket counter they'll be a good samaritan and check your car seat for you right then &there, free of charge, or you'll get the mean person who will say its $50 extra and to just lug it with you up to the gate, where they check it free of charge. As it has been mentioned, I'm going to guess having something to suck on helps, but my son never had much use for it

Caryn - posted on 11/17/2009




Does your child use a pacifier? Your child is going to need something to suck, as you increase elevations. If s/he doesn't use one make sure to keep a sippy near by or something, otherwise this will make for a tough flight!

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