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Shannen - posted on 02/13/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is 5 months old. She is in a habit of being rocked to sleep. I recently tried breaking this habit by just laying her in her crib while she was drowsy...but it didnt work out too well...i finally picked her up after 45 minutes of listening to her cry! She is also swaddled, so I need to break that habit..but i'm not sure how, or which one to break first. ( & she does NOT keep a pacifier in her mouth )


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Annie - posted on 02/15/2009




this is my 3rd baby, and i'm letting him cry it out, just like i did with my other 2. altho i'm not a super strict crazy lady who never goes in.. you know some nights are just better than others, some nights you give in and jsut want to cuddle, etc...anyway, in my opinion, once they learn to sleep in their crib, they sleep for so much longer, good for both of you! look up the ferber (not sure how to spell) method... it's like a "nice" way to let them cry it out. basically, you can be flexible with how long you want to do it, but for example, you lay her down full and clean diaper and drowsy, then you let her cry for 5 min. then you go in there, talk to her but don't pick her up, just assure her you're there, etc., and then leave the room for another 5 min. you do this till she falls asleep every 5 min. then the next day (or the next week, however long you want to space it out) you go in every 10 min. then the next increment, every 15, etc. they say you can up it every day, and it will take around a week to get "fully" trained. it's just easier for you to be able to go in and comfort her, rather than just listen for 45 min... however, you have to have a lot of patience and really stick to your guns and be consistant. but also, in my opinion, babies start to do it when they're ready, and you can't force it. (kinda like my recent experience potty training my 2 year old.) but i think the main thing is be loving, but don't give in too much or she'll never sleep by herself, and that makes for bad sleep for both of you!!! but since i've been letting him cry it out, the first couple nights were hard, but after a few nights he's getting pretty good about laying down and fussing (not full out crying) for just a few min., then he's sleeping for like 7ish hours. but i don't recommend being crazy strict.. they'll do it when they're ready. for mine, feeding rice cereal and some new baby foods has really been a help too.. i think he just stays fuller longer.

anyway, sorry to ramble.. hope this helps at all! and he doesn't take a binky either... i feel ur pain! and u mean swaddled, like in a blanket? try those sleeper sacks, the fleece ones...they keep them warm w/o having blankets.

Joy - posted on 02/14/2009




buy the book Save our Tizzie Hall. Teaches u how to help ur baby self settle. Great book which has loads of other help in it. We had our baby sleeping based on routines in this book from 6 weeks onwards. We put him in his cot and he goes to sleep thanks to the help from the book.

Flo - posted on 02/14/2009




My daughter is like that too...I tried to let her cry for an hour, but she just wouldn't give up.  I gave up....I read from another website that we shouldn't let baby cry it out before 6 months...And babies younger than 6 months won't be spoiled i guess i will wait a little longer before doing the sleep training on my baby...

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