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is it ok to feed my baby chocolates and softdrinds for snack , coz he want it so badly .. he cried if i cant give his desires .


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EVERYTHING in moderation! That being said, Roxanne has only had chocolate on rare occasion and I definitely wouldn't allow it on a regular basis! As for pop......for us its an absolute NO NO! No pop! Diluted juice on rare occasions but typically just water!

Sunrise - posted on 04/12/2010




@ Stephanie - some tea leave DO have caffiene and high levels at that. You will need to shop for the caffiene free ones specifically. They will be labeled as such. If your unsure it's best to not buy it or give it to your LO because most teas contain caffiene in general. Don't get me wrong, I personally love tea & offer it to my kids to aid with colds and such but I am cautious to make sure it's caffiene free.
@Li - I second the other posters, if you choose to give him chocolate it should be in careful moderation and on rare occassion. I would do away with soda all together it goes hand in hand with tooth decay, sleep & bladder problems. If it's caffinated soda well, that's just not good in and of itself. My eldest had a bad sweet tooth (and still does) and I found that, like other mamas, offering natural sweets such as fruits was a great alternative and well received! There are so many healthy choices out there that it's really not necessary to introduce them to sugary sweets. What they dont know or aren't offerend will not hurt them. ((getting off my soapbox))

April - posted on 04/05/2010




My 18 month old has cookies as dessert sometimes, actual candy is pretty much limited to the holidays... She loves fruit, and it's sweet, so it's pretty much the same to her and she likes it just as much... I always keep the canned fruit on hand for snacks. The ONE time I gave her soda was when we were out and she had already drank the milk and juice I packed before lunchtime, so I put a teeny tiny amount of sprite in her cup with the rest water.. Once in a great while I think it's ok.. Annabelle LOVES cookies so that's a treat for her, a good "eat all of your lunch or dinner" incentive..

Ashleigh - posted on 04/04/2010




With the obesity rate in children growing so rapidly, I wouldn't recommend giving candy or soft drinks on a regular basis. In fact, it wouldn't kill any child to never have soft drinks.

Of course this is just my opinion and I'm not judging anyone. My 8 year old has never had caffine and we limited his candy when he was younger. Now he makes his own decisions and turns down junk food and sodas for water or milk all on his own. It just depends on how you give your child the food/candy/sodas and how often.

I have an 18 month old who prefers veggies over sweets, but I believe that's because of the way he was introduced to foods. He only drinks about an inch of juice mixed with the rest water, and milk. I'd never give him sodas before the age of 6. Again, this is just me.

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Xiao gets a bite of chocolate here and there, but not often, and not a lot. Maybe a few M&Ms or something, that's about it. Honestly, I don't even give him juice, I wouldn't dream of giving him pop at this age. He drinks water and milk, period.


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Jael - posted on 10/19/2011




Everyone gets upset if they don't get what they want. But that doesn't mean they should always get it. I recently cut back on the amount of sweets I am giving my kids. It wasn't too bad but still didn't feel right. They weren't too happy about it but they are still alive and healthy and happy and that' what matters most. Maybe instead of a dessert or snack, only use sweets as a reward for outstanding behavior My kids hardly even ask for sweets anymore. My three year old just asked for a carrot.

Deana - posted on 10/03/2011




This is a real old post, but I am going to comment on it anyway for anyone who will be asking the same question.
Remember: You are the parent, when the kid realizes that you are not going to give into thier desires they will give up. Not that they wont bring it back up again but you need to stand your ground. You are talking about your childs health here, that you are responsible for. They look to you to make good choices for them. Giving a child chocolate is unhealthy and Soda's? OMG NO! That is probably the worst thing you can do to your child.Hold your ground!!!

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A little chocolate here and there is alright. My son gets a treat every once in awhile but I never give him pop, especially if it's caffeinated. I wouldn't say I'm a health nut because I'm not but I think good healthy eating habbits are learned when we are young. Kids will eat what they see you eating and enjoying. I sat down one day with a bowl of fresh broccoli and my son who was 17 months asked for some. I honestly didn't think he would eat it but I gave him a piece and got ready to catch it before it hit the floor. Suprisingly enough he ate it even after the face he made. Also, if you have it in the house, they're going to want it. If you want to give your baby chocolate and pop for snacks, that's up to you but make sure you're brushing their teeth afterwards. If you don't want him to have those things then don't feel like just because he's crying for them means you have to give them to him. You're the mom and you know best and what you say goes. He'll cry for them for a bit and then forget about it. That's what kids do, they cry when they're not getting what they want.

Stephanie - posted on 04/12/2010




We've given our son hot chocolate when he was a little after one. We've given him chocolate flavored ice cream and other treats. But we don't often give it to him. I tried to keep the home chocolate free. I'm a diabetic and was when I was carrying him, so I'm extra concerned about his sugar level. Also, chocolate has caffeine and since my side of the family is short I rather he not have so much chocolate. I barely give him tea b/c of that fact. We just recently let him try some tea made out of tea leaves. I hope tea leaves don't have caffeine. So if there's something you don't want the little one to have then don't have it in the house. It works for my son at least.

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I do agree with Alison's comment...we know what is good n healthy for him... soft drinks r absolutely unhealthy for them..and its our responsibility to give them a good eating habits.
I do give chocolates to my 19 month;) but after the main meal and very rare...:)

Heather - posted on 04/02/2010




I think it is okay to give them these things in moderation, especially if you give them after they have eaten their healthy meal "as dessert" maybe not a snack.
I think that to deny them a sweet is more likley to cause them to be over weight later, more so than if you give it to them in moderation now.

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@ Judith, I agree with everything you said! I love the chocolate pudding - and so does my 18 month old son (although lately he's been rejecting it; I think that has more to do with his age than his taste buds!).

@ Li - don't feel guilty! We have all done the exact same thing - seriously, who wants to look into those sweet, adorable faces and NOT give them everything they desire? But... we're the mommies, not the best friends. We give them what's healthy and nutritious (and safe and wholesome and good) and if they still whine and cry for the not-so-healthy stuff, so be it! Someone has to put their foot down and tell our little tyrants (I say that with LOVE!) that we're the parent and we know what's best for them. And it's true :-)

It extends to everything in their life: if I were to give in regularly to my little tyrant's demands, we would spend every waking minute outside in the backyard, naked (him) and blowing bubbles. While fun, that would leave a very hungry, very thirsty, very sun-burned little dude. So... we balance out his wants and needs, and he's a generally happy kid. I'm sure yours is/will be too! You're a great mommy, keep on being great!

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a bite here or there is harmless, but at this age, they should be having only wholesome, nutritious foods, giving them sugary things will only make them want it more and lead to weight/health/teeth issues. try cutting up strawberries and bananas, my little girl *loves* fruit- i also give her organic chocolate yogurt

Samantha - posted on 03/31/2010




does he want these things badley because you have given them to him before? Dont feel guilty I have, but I don't give them to him reguarly or on his terms. Every once in a while if me or my fiancee have something chocolate we give him a piece but its rare. As far as softdrinks I have only ever given him caffine free but the sugar is still sooo bad for them, I have only done it when believe it or not we've been somewhere that didn't have juice or it happens to be all that we have in the vehicle cause he drank all his. Chocolate or sugar products including softdrinks are so bad for us let alone children dont' give in to him, but maybe surprise him one night out after he has been really good! You can always substitiute actual chocolate with chocolate chip cookies instead

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