Soy verses hypoallergenic formula

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Hi there,

I was just wondering if someone could please give me some feedback :)

I took my nearly 4 month old daughter to the doctors today because she is fussy every time I bottle feed her (formula - Nestle Goodstart). It is getting increasingly frustrating for my husband and I since she is screaming, arching her back and pushing the bottle away at every feed. I feel bad for her since it seems like it hurts. I asked the doctor if he thought that it could be acid reflux but he said that since she sleeps all night with no waking up or fussiness that she is more than likely not suffering from that. So I told him that maybe I would switch her to soy. He said to try that since she could be allergic to the milk protein in the formula that she is currently eating. What I was wondering is, has anyone tried a hypoallergenic formula or soy formula that could tell me what the difference between the two is and how you would even figure out which one to use especially when it comes to a very fussy baby?

Thanks for any help :)


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Boy, do I feel like a pro at this question! 1st of all, your baby CAN have reflux and not wake up during the night! My son has had acid reflux pretty much since he was born and it never caused him to wake up during the night. He only wakes up to eat and then is right back to sleep. In fact, he rarely spits up at night either although they have labeled him a "happy spitter" due to underdeveloped esophagus. He had the same symptoms as your little one only we started to see those symptoms by 1 month! We tried Similac Soy, still was very gassy and upset much the Mylicon drops did nothing for him. Then we tried Similac Sensitive which is marketed for fussiness and change. We then went to Enfamil Gentlease also marketed for fussiness and gas. This worked pretty good for a couple weeks and then the fussiness came back. Right before his 2 month check up we had a horrible incident where he screamed for hours and had 3 poopy diapers in 3 hours! I immediately put him back on soy since that was what he came home from the hospital on and that night I changed a diaper with some dried blood in it (looked like coffee grounds). Pediatrician finally prescribed some acid reflux medicine (2 months later...I know!) and said keep with the soy. Unhappy with the bed-side manner of our pediatrician (basically disregarding my concern for all these problems for 2 months), we scheduled a consult with another pediatrician and WA-LA! we got some great answers. She said, babies with milk-protein allergies/sensitivity a lot of times also have soy protein allergies/sensitivities. In my little one's case, it was causing Colic type symptoms, horrible dark green runny/watery stool, and the upset tummy all the time. She upped the acid reflux meds and said do not use any other formula but the hypoallergenic. We had a 180 degree turnaround. We got to stop using the acid reflux medicine within 1 week of using the new formula and he is so much happier! I would try soy first, and it you are still seeing problems then talk to your pediatrician about the hypoallergenic. It is VERY expensive considering the can is half the size of a big can of normal formula and a few dollars more! Another thing we tried for awhile that worked really well considering all the looming problems we were unaware of...Little Tummies Gripe Water. It has ginger and fennel seed in it (which my lactose consultant suggested I use when I was attempting breast feeding), plus sodium bicarbonate which is an antacid. My little guy loved the taste of it and it was like a miracle worker it soothed his tummy instantly and you can mix it with formula if you want to.

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Don't know about hypo vs soy. But, when we switched her to formula, she had a hard time with the regular milk based. We tried Enfamil Gentlease (for fussiness and gas) and it works great for us, she doesn't cry now during or after feeding and adjusted really well. My ped told me to buy the small cans and just try different ones until we found one she likes. Thankfully it was only a couple different ones. Also, I don't like the store brand of the Gentlease, it stinks (literally).

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With my son I had to put him on soy because he was very sensitive to regular formula. He did not do well on soy either, so we put him on a hypoallergenic formula- Enfamil Alimentum. I would recommend trying soy first because the hypoallergenic formula is VERY expensive. Also, try Mylicon drops every time you feed your daughter. Those can really ease gas pains, which is what you seem to be describing. (Reflux tends to involve a lot of spitting up.) At 6 months I switched my son back to regular formula and he was fine and he has no milk allergies or sensitivities now.


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I breastfeed my baby but I am lactose intolerant myself and have a lot of milk allergies in my family. I will be using soy milk when the time comes to ween my baby. You can be allergic to the lactose in milk and the protein. The lactose usually gives the stomach problems and the protein usually causes skin conditions like dry skin, exzema and cyst like pimples when you get older. And from my investagations you are usually sensitive to both even if you do not realize it. AND lactose free milk usually still contains the protein but the lactose is taken out. (but it still bothers my stomach so it must have some left in it) Good luck!

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I would really try to stay away from the soy formulas. They just are not very good for children. My twin girls were also having a time with feedings. I switched to the Dr. Brown's bottles. They did the trick! I highly recommend them. It can be the bottle that is causing the problem. I also highly recommend the Baby's Only Organic Formula. You can get it online or I know at Whole Foods. If you buy a case at one time you get 10% off. So it really isn't much more than the other brands at Target or Walmart. And so much better for the baby than the way the other brands are put together. Do some research on how they bind the other formulas and you will be alarmed. Or at least I was. Hope this helps.

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We had a similar problem with my son. I ended up using Lactose Free Similac and it totally did the trick. My son hated the soy versions, but for some reason the lactose free was exactly what he needed. When he got older and was drinking non-formula, we switched him to soy milk and never looked back. He's almost 3 now.
Good luck!

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