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Robyn - posted on 10/20/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




Has anyone else had to take their toddler for a speech evaluation? My son does not really talk although he does follow directions and seem to hear ok. The doctor wants to send him for an evaluation and I am wondering what they do with a 2 yr old? My oldest son was normal or a little ahead with his language development so I have no experience with this kind of thing at all.


Sasha - posted on 04/09/2011




My son is 31months and in speech therepy. Its lot of playing, making sounds like "p" through play like blowing bubbles and popping them, but saying "pop" when you do it and emhasise the "p" sound. Also go games. whind-up toys are good coz it means they have to say "go" or at least try to, to get what they want. They've also introduced sign language with my son. The part of the brain that uses gesturing is close to the part that uses speech, so by using signs they hope it will also trigger something in the speech part of the brain but also teaches the child that they must produce a sound or sign to get what they want. So far so good. Except my son wont try say basic words like "up" and "down" hes going for the big words like "dinosaur"

Marija - posted on 11/04/2010




My son is 26months and still only says, mum, dad and bye. The doctor said he should go to a speciliast and that he is very delayed in his speech. My husband didn't start talking till he was 4 and alot of people just tell me they talk in their own time. My son had a few ear infections, and I wonder if this affected his speech, he also hasn't been to daycare and around other kids much, so this might have also affected his ability to talk more. I'm going to hold off on specialists for a few months and see how we go. He can hear me fine, and can take direction etc. Just with everything they do things in their own time.

Jael - posted on 10/27/2010




My daughter does not need a speech evaluation but I would like to recommend learning sign language with your toddler. There are DVDs that teach it and this is how my toddler learned most of her vocabulary. She loves sitting and watching the movies with me as we do signs and say the words at the same time together. I have learned almost as much as she has from the videos and it is very nice to see her enjoying learning. Since your toddler is not talking that much right now sign language might help him find another way of communicating with you until he learns the words. I hope this helps some.

Shari - posted on 10/27/2010




My 2 year old has been in speech therapy for 6 months. He wasn't talking at all (not even mama, dada) by 18 months so I brought it up to the pediatrician and we got him into Early Intervention. I'm a former special ed teacher, so I knew what red flags to look for. His therapy is play based, and he is talking all over the place now, all approximations (sounds like the word but the diction isn't there) and attempts, he's gained a lot of confidence in his ability to communicate which is the first step in learning to talk. He's just simply going to be a late talker for some reason and needs the extra help. Get your bubs evaluated, it can't hurt!

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My 2 year old is scheduled to be evaluated next week. They said they will watch him (in our home so he is comfortable) to see where his language development is currently and then tell me ways to help him. Like for instance naming everything as we go through the day and asking him to repeat me. The resources are out there and they will help you navigate to the ones you can use to help your child. My 5 year old is in speech therapy right now and is doing a wonderful job. She learned to talk on time, but uses the wrong words at the wrong time. (Him so cute.) Take care and best wishes.


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While being around other kids (MAY) help with language development, so can being around adults. It is not your fault that your child is "behind". I say it that way because every child is different. My son started walking at 10 months, which is early compared to my other 2 before him, but they started talking sooner than him. He is also scheduled for an evaluation and where I live, they come to our home which is nice. So don't worry and don't blame yourself. Best Wishes!

Dawn - posted on 10/24/2010




My daughter Ella has been in it for the past year. She is doing so much better now. She is 25 months old. We are with Early On. It is free through the schools. You might want to look into it.

Jennifer - posted on 10/23/2010




Both my children were preemie's. I had early intervention for Molly for a physical problem. They saw my almost two year old who didn't speak much at all and evaluated him. I went through hell. At one point they told me they thought he was autistic, and had sensory processing disorder.
Long story short, I had speech therapy, it did work.
However, I would (if I had to do it all over again) start with your pediatrician and see what they reccomend, then go to an audiologist (hearing) and pedi ENT. Turned out Aidan was born with a very short phrenulum, he had minor surgery. (It is the muscle under the tongue, called being born tongue tied) Years ago the OBGYN would have just snipped it at birth, however, today it is "controversial".
Anyway, after that with a bit of a learning to control his tongue he is speaking just fine.
I wish I had gone to the specialist first. Every therapist he had although helpful, had me thinking Aidan had major neurological problems. And also there are natural late talkers.
That's just my point of view, however, I wish I went to those two specialist in the beginning. They rule out any problem and then you can go from there.
If he is loving and has recessive language, meaning he understands I wouldn't worry too much
Hope this helps.
Best of luck : )

Gabrielle - posted on 10/23/2010




hi my son is 4 an hes been having speech therapy for 2 years now, they have done all of his therapy through play and have recorded the session and played it back to find any changes in his speech or sounds so that we have something to work with, they also give you role play games to play at home so that you also encourage speech in ways that you wouldnt normally do. Its not intense and ur son will probably have no idea so hell be very relaxed with the situation, unfortunatly though it has not been any help for us,although my son does have alot of other problems so please dont think it will be the same for your son. hope this helps and you get the outcome you hope for x

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My daughter is scheduled for an evaluation too... we had someone come to our house and ask us a lot of questions, but she has yet to be evaluated by a dr... according to the questions we answered she is developmentally behind in pretty much everything... they advised us that all they are going to do it teach us ways to help her in her development like giving us specific activities to do, etc... my daughter is not typical in that she does not go to daycare and she's not normally around other kids... i wonder if that has anything to do with her current situation.

Riham - posted on 10/21/2010




I wish I can help but I have no idea but I have exactly the same problem with my little girl who is now 2 years + 1 month. She still doesn't talk (very few words: mummy, dogy & baby) although she hears us well and she almost obeys all orders we give her. I didn't face this problem with my son as he was really developed in this area, my dad is a doctor and keeps on telling me that I should take her to a speech therapist and also one pediatric recommended before that we should do a hearing test. Sorry that I'm not of a good help but just wanted to share with you the same experience.

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