Stuffy Nose.

Jaclyn - posted on 05/13/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




My baby has been suffering from a stuffy nose for the past few days. I think that it's allergies but I don't know what if any medications are safe too give. I tried to call her dr but the office is closed. any suggestions for an 8 month old 16 pounder?? Thanks


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Yvette - posted on 05/14/2009




IDK, but my Mom told me of some new gel-like product you place around the nostrils and it is supposed to prevent pollens & such from getting into your nose. She wasn't sure if it was safe for babies or not, but it would be something to look in to. My daughter may have allergies too, when her nose is running we do the humidifier & were told by her Dr. that the humidifier was the only option for congestion.

Jodie - posted on 05/14/2009




my son just got his first tooth and is very stuffy his nose runs constantly some say its a sign of teeth but it is allergy season as well he also is very stuffy in the chest but my dr said its from his teething so i would wait and see what ur dr says before giving the baby anything but try saline nose drops

Melissa - posted on 05/13/2009




Possibly teething? If that is what it is, there is nothing you can do. I use Baby Vicks, a humidifier and saline drops if it's a cold or a stuffed up nose.

Tammy - posted on 05/13/2009




our little boy suffered from this too. What we did was have a bowl of boiling water in his room with a few drops of Karvol in it, it worked quite well, also we brought some baby olbas oil and put some on a sheet tied to his cot so he couldnt reach it and that worked well too. He didnt have allergies, just a stuffed up nose which was keeping him awake at night. x

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