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Kathy - posted on 07/11/2009 ( 13 moms have responded )




Ok I will first say I am sorry if I offend anyone with my comments about this. I was reading about vaccinations on circle of moms and came across a conversation. This conversation stated that they were having problems finding someone to infect their child with chicken pox. I thought this was a joke. Then my husband talked about how people were having chicken pox parties. I thought he was just pulling my leg. I was wrong I found this link on the web.


What are people thinking. I am just curious what other mom's think about this topic. The idea of these parties make me laugh and feel bad for these kids.


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Sarah - posted on 07/20/2009




Just for everyone's information: The center for disease control reports approximately 100 deaths per year (in the US) from the chicken pox. I don't know about anyone else here, but I'm going to select "no chance of death" for my child. I hope everyone else will do the same.

Sarah - posted on 07/20/2009




I think this is disgusting. I am a pediatric nurse and am very adament that no one should willingly infect their children with any illness, let alone chicken pox. It can cause extreme discomfort due to itchiness, scarring from scratched pox, severe illness, dehydration, hospitalization, and it can cause cerebral edema (swelling on the brain) in some cases leading to brain damage and death. Please get the word out that chicken pox can be a major illness and should be immunized against, not encouraged.

Nicole - posted on 07/20/2009




My son was sick with Hand foot and Mouth a few weeks ago. He was so uncomfortable and it broke my heart to see him that way. I would never "make" him go through an illness if i could prevent it!!! He is getting the shot

Vesper - posted on 07/20/2009




I totally don't agree with the idea of these chicken pox parties. One the worst thing to me is watching your child suffer and you can't to anything about it. Let alone being the cause of them suffering. I do understand that some parents might feel it's better for them to get it over and done with, but that's just not something I can agree with.

Kelsey - posted on 07/19/2009




I remember when I had the chicken pox and it was horrible, I would never purposely put my son through that!! He has been vaccinated.

Cristina - posted on 07/17/2009




Actually I was infected purposely with chicken pox when I was a child. I have 11 cousins, and one of them had chicken pox, so all of my aunts brought us together for the day to contract it as well. When I questioned my mom about it a few months ago, she said the main reason she did it was because it was summer vacation, and she didn't want me to get it during the school year and having to miss several days. I don't really think it's that bad of an idea. My friend's mom somehow kept her from getting chicken pox all her life, and then she got it in college and was really sick to the point she had to go to the hospital.

Anne - posted on 07/15/2009




That is insane. We thought Lilly had chicken pox for a few days (turned out to be heat rash) but my next door neighbor wanted to bring her son over, who is also 10 months, so that he could get them too! Now, I am from NY, and I myself had the vaccine when I was 9 or 10, and have never gotten them despite being exposed numerous times. Of course my daughter will get it. I moved to Mississippi, met my hubby, ect... and it seems like people are having trouble letting go of some of the old fashion way of doing things. I understand that exposure might have been the best thing BEFORE there was a vaccine, and was obviously widely practiced, but hello! The vaccine is the same thing! Its just dead but the body still develops immunity! Soooo much safer and more comfortable for everyone involved!

Elizabeth - posted on 07/13/2009




Well, My opinion, coming from a very medical family, THIS IS A BAD IDEA!!! The whole reason we create vaccines is to prevent the complications that certain illness can cause. Not only is chicken pox unpleasant, it can have devastating effects for a few unlucky children. Also, anyone who has had chicken pox, is more likely to be affected by shingles as an adult which can have lasting nerve damage for some. Not to mention the neuralgia (permanent nerve pain). Anyone who would educate themselves, would not go out of their way to get their kids sick.

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I thought pox parties were the norm when I was a child - I know the official AAP recommendation used to be to make sure all healthy children were 'exposed' to chicken pox before their teen years. Now that we have the vaccine though, it seems silly. Why put my child at risk and have him be uncomfortable if he doesn't need to be?

Samantha - you may not have heard of the vaccine because not all countries are using it. For example, I know it is standard here in the US, but they don't use it in the UK. You'd have to see if your area has that vaccine on the schedule.

Tammy - posted on 07/13/2009




oh my goodness....thats awful, i would never on purpose take Luan to see someone with the intention that i want him to become infected, why would you wish a illness on your child. Ok if he gets it so be it.x

Helen Katrina - posted on 07/13/2009




maybe they're thinking get it over and done with.. but i'd deffinanetly not do that, thats just odd, if a child is gona get chicken pox so be it but i would never go to a place you actually infect them. ew

Samantha - posted on 07/12/2009




Wow I didn't know that they had a vaccine for chicken pox. I am going to go down to my health unit and ask about it. I would much rather have my daughter vaccinated then have her actually get chicken pox!

I have heard about the chicken pox parties and I would personally never go to one.

Anna-Marie - posted on 07/11/2009




Why put your child through an illness if he/she doesn't have to go through it? Chicken pox is no fun for baby or mommy/daddy!! I fully intend on Vaccinating my son against chicken pox...I think it's kind of silly for parents to do that, but to each their own...I feel sorry for the children though :(

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